Astonishingly Irresponsible Headlines

"Just Buy Something"


That was a headline of a story on Real Money (disclosure: I write for them), on the day the Dow managed to get through 11,000 for the first time since June 2001.

As financial advice, I found it stunningly irresponsible — at the very least, suspect.

But it got me thinking — like magazine covers, perhaps headlines can also be a tell as to the general gestalt of market participants.

So let me ask you: Have any particular headlines stood out to you? Are they the big mainstream publications (WSJ, NYT, WaPo, FT, CNN) or smaller MSM (LAT, BusinessWeek, BBC, CSMonitor, Wired, The Economist) or online sites (Slate, MarketWatch,, or even Blogs?

I’m curious if this was a one off, or the start of something more significant — and possibly telling.

Please use the comment section to post your favorite — include headline, publication and URL. I’ll gather a list of the best and republish it later this week . . .

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