RIAA: More full of S#@$ than ever before

We have long railed against the stupidity of the recording industry, and their obnoxious pederast front group, the Recording Industry Association of America.

Anyone who thought the RIAA was anything less than a group of shameless hucksters shilling on behalf of their corporate masters should by now be thoroughly disabused of that notion.

The latest proof of their whoring activities comes in in their new proposed royalty schedule for song writers and lyricists:

"Throughout its campaign against peer-to-peer services, The Recording Industry Association of America has insisted, unequivocally, that file-sharing hurt musicians. There is a clear correlation between file-sharing and loss of revenue for the music industry, the RIAA argues, one that undermines the livlihoods of the recording artists whose work it peddles. It’s a sympathetic argument and one that the group has trotted out time and time again as it fired off lawsuits at college students, grade schoolers and
deceased grandmothers.

But it’s a disingenous one as well. Because much as the RIAA would like us to see it as a champion of creative artists, it’s an industry group concerned with industry profits. And the best interests of artists matter little when it comes to exploiting the revenue streams they create. So, while it’s sad to hear that the RIAA is lobbying to reduce rates on royalties paid to songwriters, it’s not unexpected. Earlier this month, the group began
petitioning government Copyright Royalty Judges to lower the rates paid to publishers and songwriters for use of lyrics and melodies in applications like cell phone ring tones. Citing general music industry change, RIAA Executive Vice President and General Council Steven Marks told The Hollywood Reporter that so-called "Mechanical Royalties" have become badly outdated. That may be true, but
is reducing them really the answer? If anything they should be increased, shouldn’t they? Particularly if ringtone services generated additional revenues at a time when piracy was "devastating" the record industry. My God, don’t these people ever stop?" (GMSV)

I don’t understand why musicians and songwriters put up with this sort of crap.

But don’t think its just here in the US that where cancerous industry groups lie cheat and steal. They do the same in the UK too . . .


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