Econ 101 Class

I am teaching an Intro to Economics class this spring at NYU’s (School of Continuing and Professional Studies). The syllabus for the class is about done, but it is not yet etched in stone.

I am starting with the basic law of Supply and Demand, Incentives, then on to Utility for individuals and Profit Maximizing for firms, Smith’s Invisible Hand. Then, its on to the amorality (versus immorality) of capitalism, a history of economic schools of thought. Micro vs Macro, What is Inflation?, Paper currency versus Gold, Real Estate, Commodities, the role of the Fed, Monopoly & Anti-Trust, Free Trade & Globalization, Competition & Creative Destruction, Banking and Debt, Capital markets, and Economic Cycles, finishing up with behavioral economics. I also want to address the idea that there is "no free lunch" throughout the class. (The course is 6 weeks)

I want this to be less boring than the Econ classes that put me to sleep in college, and less technical than the Economics and Anti-Trust classes I took in law school.

Here’s my question for y’all: If you were to take a course such as this, what
would you want taught? What topics and specific subjects would you like to see
discussed? I am looking to balance current topics with historical examples. Some theory is fine (hey, its economics)

Any ideas?


UPDATE March 29, 2006 4:20pm

Wow — huge inflow of suggestions — Many thanks.

The books I am going to recommend — note these are not textbooks — are Naked Economics by Charles Wheelan, and New Ideas from Dead Economists by Todd G. Buchholz . . .

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