Read it here first: The Death Of Bling?

Interesting article in WaPo today, titled The Death Of Bling?

We hit this subject recently, looking at "bling" Becomes Marketing Verbiage and The Long Tail of Language.

Here’s the WaPo version:

The word "bling" has been overused by every two-bit jeweler selling cubic
zirconium. It has been worn out by virtually all fashion publicists — who for
the past five months have been chirping, "Bling in the New Year!" — and by
every morning TV host trying to make the umpteenth holiday shopping segment
sound fun and nifty. Use of the word has become like a nervous tic, as
persistent as a dry cough and as annoying as old people who say "phat" and "You
go, girl!"

If the word "bling" is never again uttered by an aging cultural observer –
some well-meaning baby boomer or a mainstream news organization proud to have
incorporated "edgy" lingo into its coverage — then 2006 will be a fine year.

The Death Of Bling?
As Hip-Hoppers & Designers Eschew Excess, Jewelry May Just Be Jewelry Again
Robin Givhan
Washington Post, Friday, December 23, 2005; Page C01

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