Make DJMT a Blog!

Here’s a great idea for Dow Jones: Why don’t you make Dow Jones Market Talk a blog? 

Its a great news service that is inaccessible to many people; (Have a look at GMSV as an example of a media owned blog that works well). it would be a good branding exercise for DJ; and it would give DJMT credit for their role in furthering certain stories.

Example: There is a boingboing post on "How News is Made" using the NFR’s +22% Black Friday weekend sales nonsense as an example. Seeing as how we here at the Big Picture had a hand in that debacle, we can safely observe that the bb discussion is accurate — but they leave out DJMT’s role in the saga.

Recall that upon seeing NRF’s +22% sales comment, I recognized that it failed to comport with any other data on the holiday shopping weekend. So I got their release, took apart their methodology, and discovered boatloads of flaws. I wrote it up in my weekly commentary, which not only goes out to Wall Street, hedge funds and the media, but also gets posted here.

The very first mainstream media to pick it up was Dow Jones Market Talk; Although it is ostensbily part of a wire service, its really a blog-like like creature without a home page. (the text of their post is captured here). The CNBC Econ reporter Steve Liesman picked it up, and did a story a day or two later. Then numbers guy Carl Bialik did a WSJ article on it.

But it all started with DJMT, and they get neither the credit nor the traffic for their good work.

This is my holiday gift to Dow Jones — a great idea for free:  make DJMT a blog!

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