Global Credit Crunch?

Surprisingly strong words out of Merrill:

"Merrill Lynch has warned of a global credit crunch as central banks in Europe and Asia tighten monetary policy, advising clients to shun risk and switch to safer assets over the forthcoming months.

Presenting its strategy for 2007, the US bank said the world boom is clearly giving way to a slowdown that will shake up markets and punish smaller equities, industrial metals, and lower-tier assets of almost every kind.

Money can still be made as the cycle turns, chiefly by rotating into short-term cash deposits and quality stocks with good dividend yields such as AstraZeneca, Barratt Developments, Sweden’s retailer H&M, or Spain’s Banco Popular Espanol – along with a few bars of gold bullion.

The bank said 2007 would be the "year of the dividend", with fear returning as the VIX and VDAX volatility indexes – widely used in option trading – rise from record lows."

One rarely sees such a clearcut warnings from a major asset gatherer . .  .

Merrill sounds alarm on global liquidity
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, International Business Editor
Telegraph UK  1:22am GMT 06/02/2007

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