Alcohol consumption



What can we tell about a country
by their alcohol consumption?

Damned if I know — but this is
an interesting chart nontheless.

Nite that the first 11 countries
are European, with Russia #12.

Canada, U.S. and Japan are
smack dab in the middle, followed
by South American, Asian,
and African countries.

Here’s a quote on the subject
from The Economist magazine:

“Luxembourg leads the world
in alcohol consumption. In
2002, its residents consumed
an average of 12 litres of pure
alcohol per person, in the form
of beer, wine and spirits.

Mexicans, by contrast, enjoyed
only around a quarter as much.

Some countries have been curbing
their drinking. In France, for example,
alcohol consumption fell by 30%
between 1980 and 2002. Over the
same period, however, beer-loving
Czechs increased their alcohol
intake by 12%.”

Fascinating stuff . . .

via Business Pundit

Alcohol consumption
The Economist (print edition)
Jul 1st 2004

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