Media Appearance: Kudlow & Cramer (July 22, 2004)


A quick heads up: I just got tagged for Kudlow & Cramer tonite, 5:10 pm, CNBC.

We will be 2nd up on the show. The subjects will be all the usual things: Today’s comment, including the Presidential Elections, the Economy and of course, the Markets.

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Let’s Get Technical!

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Chart of the Week: Nasdaq Head & Shoulders Formation?

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Rumor Control

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Media Appearence: Cavuto on Business (7/21/04)

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The Libertarian Secular Wild Wild West

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Radio’s Wounded Business Model

Listen to music on the radio much lately? If you answered “no,” you’re in good company. Americans are listening to broadcasts — especially of music — much less frequently then they used to. And with good reason, too: Stations which were once a way to discover new music have become bland sources of uniform playlists….Read More

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Leadership from Financials?

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Follow The Leader-less Market

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Chart of the Week: Nasdaq 52 Week Net New Highs

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