Media Appearence: Squawk Box


Big day tomorrow: Squawk Box, CNBC, Wednesday 9:15am
Subject will be semiconductors, the markets, and the economy.

Looking forward to meeting the crew.


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Projected Electoral College Vote: Swing States, 8/2/04

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Washington Post-ABC Post DNC Poll

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Australia makes iPod use illegal

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Nice WSJ profile


There is an embarassingly nice profile in the "Quite Contrary" column of yours truly today. 

My favorite line of the interview (unfortunately) got cut:

"If this is a short term call, its rather late, as the SMHs have already fallen more than a third from their highs, giving back half of their gains. If its a long term call — is this semi-condictor cycle over already? — it seems to be rather early."

  That’s from memory; It was prolly wordier than that (and hence exised).   

UPDATE:  10:45am
In response to those of you without WSJ access, here’s a PDF

Quite Contrary:  Placing a Wager On the Chip Sector
Maxim Strategist Ritholtz Sees Tax-Incentives Sunset Picking Up Semiconductors
By Erin Schulte
Wall Street Journal, August?3,?2004;?Page?C3,,SB109147699507480735,00.html


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Baked In?

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Chart of the Week: Real GDP growth

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WSJ: Why Some Think a Kerry Win Could Boost the Stock Market

Interesting observations from the WSJ this weekend:

“The market has a problem with the possibility of a Democrat winning, but doesn’t seem to have a problem with the reality of a Democratic president,” says Tom Gallagher, an analyst at economic-research firm International Strategy & Investment in Washington, D.C. Mr. Gallagher also notes that the market tends to do better under Democratic presidents than under Republicans.”

The article (see link below) is chock full of other counter-intuitive observations. Consider, for rexample . . .

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Recessions: A family affair?

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Economic Growth Slows

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