Ferocious Bubbles

I love the name of this band: Ferocious Bubbles.

They have a new disc, "Save Yourself and Run Away," available on CD Baby). They are the band of the week on PASTE (where there is also a nice review

You can stream the entire disc here.

Other sites worth noting:

C/Net Download (2 free mp3s)

Download their album at iTunes Music Store.

At the Band’s MySpace page, (4 streaming songs)

Official Website: Ferocious Bubbles

How to describe them?

"Ferocious Bubbles play original music that would fall into the indie-rock genre. "Save Yourself and Run Away" has been described as "a relentless, reverb-heavy, melancholy and raggedy-pretty journey across a sad landscape."

A little off the beaten path, indie pop punk for a Thursday evening . . .

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