Holiday Weekend Linkfest!

Its been a while since I’ve had the time to put up a weekend linkfest. Its a 3 day holiday weekend, so in light of a possible dearth of reading material, what the heck! Here’s a monster holiday linkfest for your surfing enjoyment:

Barron’s Alan Abelson advises incoming Fed Chair Ben Bernanke that "whenever faced with making a critical decision, think, What would Alan Greenspan have done? — and do exactly the opposite." Why does that sound so familiar . . . ?  (if no Barron’s sub, go here)

• People seem to misunderstand both the New Home Sales, as well as
Housing Starts and Permits. The reported data is statistically complex,
but as a leading indicator, it means much less than you think;

• Part of my Bearish thesis for ’06 is that Real
Estate, the prime driver of the 2003-05 economy, slows with little
else filling the void. Consider these five articles, and draw your own conclusion;

• The Business Week Forecasts for 2006 are out, and the crowd is rather Bullish. Extremes: I am the outlier to the downside, while Elaine Garzarelli is my counterpart to the upside (I’ll take those odds!);

• The flattening of The Yield Curve has been much talked about lately ; Here’s what you need to know about it;

• Lots of people have drawn a Parallel between 1994 and 2005. Doug Kass calls that bunk;

• I normally steer clear of politics (except when it relates to science and technology). But I had to sit up and take notice this morning when the normally conservative-leaning Barron’s Editorial Page called for an investigation into the Bush administration’s use of domestic surveillance as a possible impeachable offense (if no Barron’s, go here);

• I give the recent ‘Strong Jobs Recovery’ meme a thorough going over, and find find it wanting (be sure to see the correction here);

• We’ve heard for "decades that small business was the nation’s growth engine for job creation;" A new report concludes that thesis is an urban legend;

Slate thinks that Moore’s Law may be coming to an end;  They are wrong — Moore’s Law actually died years ago;

• I understand these are merely probabilistic analyses, but:  What are the odds of 2006 being a positive year?

• A fascinating look at Economics and Evolutionary Psychology;

Be Careful with the Contrary Indicators!;

• Here’s an ominous sign: China recruiting is U.S. IT grads;

•  Federal Judge John E. Jones III (appointed by President Bush) administers to "Intelligent Design" the thorough bitch slapping it so richly deserves;

• There are a huge number of free downloads legally available from

Strange Activity Afoot in Rove Indictment Futures;

• Am I the only one who doesn’t much care for CNBC’s redesign? May I also puh-leeze request a return the clock/futures bug/Indices back to its rightful spot in the lower right hand corner!



Have a happy and healthy holiday, and successful and rewarding New Year!


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