In keeping with my 9/11 tradition, I am not going to write anything new on this; I’ve already had my say.

Instead, I will merely redirect you to 3 other sites:


200 Jump, Fall, Leap, Dive and Plunge to Death From WTC stead of burning to death.

Another Year Gone http://cunningrealist.blogspot.com/2005/09/another-year-gone.html

Ray Dougherty in Manhattan http://www.alum.dartmouth.org/classes/62/bombdough.htm

Be advised that the "Jump rather than Burn" page is rather disturbing . . .

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Presidential Cycles

This weeks Barron’s has an interesting chart from Sy Harding. If you are unfamiliar with Harding’s work, have a look at his prescient 1999 book, “Riding the Bear: How to Prosper in the Coming Bear Market.” (Spend the $1.49 on used copy — its well worth it). Harding suggests that: “UNLESS I’M LOOKING AT the…Read More

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New Column up at Real Money (09/09/05)

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The Disconnect and Economic Classes

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Barrons picks up “Katrina Lowers Year End Expectations”

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Sector Analysis

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DJIA 1966 – 1982

The previous chart reveals the long standing secular moves of the markets; What’s an investor to do during one of the long periods of weakness? One answer is to learn to be more nimble, and trade the cyclical markets. > Dow Jones Industrial Average, 1966 – 1982 click for larger chart data for chart courtesy…Read More

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Market Cycles: 100 Year DJIA

Yet another look (see prior takes here and here) at the concept of market cycles. The past century  shows alternating Bullish and Bearish phases, secular periods each lasting for an extended time (between 10 to 20 years). > Dow Jones Industrials, 1903 – 2004 Note that markets are up slightly for 2005 since this chart…Read More

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Gasoline Demand: Less Inelastic Than Previously Believed

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