Talking Infectious Greed with Paul

   I am still on the Left Coast, enjoying 68 degrees and sunny weather. If I can, I’ll get a few pics up.

Yesterday, I had a nice breakfast meeting with Paul Kedrosky, all around raconteur and host of Infectious Greed. As soon as we finished breakfast, I was off on a day of coastal vistas and site seeing. He beat me to the punch on posting.

San Diego has a pretty vibrant VC community, and Paul is an active member. We discussed everything from Herb’s blog to Neighberoo to LCD panel hypergrowth to CNBC’s programming.

If you have any interest in how VC’s work to Web 2.0 to tech issues, then check out Infectious Greed.

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Lily Allen

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More fun with Real Estate Maps

I mentioned Neighberoo in this weekend’s linkfest. Here’s a few fascinating series of Real Estate related maps :

Collateral Risk


Home Prices

Foreclosure ActivityForeclosure_activity

Note that these are a product of integrating Google Maps with housing and population data.

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Subprime Market Datapoints

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John Dorfman’s 9 Lessons

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Off to California

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