Another DVD Retail Strategy: Red Room

We first mentioned Altitunes back in March 2004; Today, we learn of a variation of the DVD rental kiosk from down under (via The Cool Hunter):   REDROOM.   


The model is similar to Altitunes, with a few Netflix like features:

"The Red Room is a DVD rental
store come interactive library. Rather than prowling meters of shelves and
pacing back and forth along the aisles, Red Room DVD has created interactive
movie stations which are equipped with touch screens. The stations allows you to
browse the entire stores selection by new release or genre categories, locating
your exact search within seconds. Once located, you can watch the trailer,
access pictures and read critics reviews of your selected movie before you
choose to rent it. The DVD is then ejected from a dispensing podium into your

The firm charges daily rental fees — no ‘due’ or late fees, and movies can be rented for as little as 6 hours. The stations are open 24/7

If this concept catches on, expect to see theatre revenue decline even further.

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The Cool Hunter, Friday, 29 July 2005

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