Updating the Blog (again)

Yeah, its about that time: We will be updating the blog design to add some functionality over the next few weeks.

The following are the latest additions to my Blog-Tool-Wish-List:

1. Print functionality:  Typepad has created some advanced scripting tools that will allow just the post, and not all the extra graphics/headers/junk to be printed.  A popular request from many of you.

2. Hide Email Address for Comments: Another occasional request — and I am sure the source of many garbage email addresses. This was a less requested, but nonetheless ardent request demand.

3. Advertising: You folks have pretty much convinced me to do so. All I request of advertisiers are these 3 rules: 1) No pop ups, 2) no blinking/flashing/dancing junk, 3) no porn.

I expect to start running Blog Ads
and Google AdSense. If anyone has any other advertising suggestions, I am all

A few people have privately suggested sponsor ads. For suitable sponsors, I would expect that to make a lot of sense.

4. If I can, I’ll remove the link to Google in the Big Picture search box (yeah, I keep accidentally clicking it also!)

5. I want to tighten up the sidebar headers to each section – I am going to move a lot of the content to “Pages,” a new feature of typepad. The sidebars will be less cluttered

6. Changing the indent color to #000066 — Yeah, the bright blue was tough on my eyes also.

7. Add a few "subscribe" features: Posts, Feedburner, etc.


Any other ideas, suggestions, structural changes? Something I should add/substract/modify?

Feel free to use the comments below to let your ideas fly!

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Rocco DeLuca & The Burden

Rocco DeLuca & The Burden
have put out the most interesting new rock album I’ve heard in some time: I Trust You To Kill Me.

Their sound is original — jangly roots-rock romp laced with bluegrass
and countrified leanings.

I agree with the reviewer who wrote that their bluesy debut album "fairly vibrates on DeLuca’s Dobro steel guitar and throaty wail."

DeLuca careens from influence to influence, paying homage to his predecessors and then going a step further.

The music is flavored with dollops of Jeff Buckley, Coldplay and
most of all, Bron Y-Aur Stomp Led Zeppelin.

I Trust You To Kill Me is one of those rare discs where there in not a single weak cut on the CD.

The band’s Myspace page has four songs to stream.

The band has been opening for the likes of Ben Folds and John Mayer.  The next area show I could find is
Tue Jul 31st 2007, Bowery Ballroom, NY


Videos below

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Most Over/UnderValued U.S. Housing Markets

Yesterday, we learned that the NAHB Housing Market Index, a gauge of home-builder confidence, declined to its lowest reading since the 1991 recession:


Source: NAHB, Wells Fargo

Given the high inventory still around, its no surprise that all three components of index dropped: Single-family Home Sales fell to 29 (from 31); Traffic of Prospective Buyers droped to 21 from 22; Expected Sales for the next Six Months declined to 39 from 41.

The last time the HMI was this low was in the throes of the 1990-91 recession.

Rather than spend much time on this well-covered report, I want to draw your attention to a little followed report on Home Valuation. I stumbled across this extremely informative analysis, filled with great
info-porn maps (below) from Global Insight and National City

It looks at the regions of the country which have had the greatest home price appreciation and, by their measures, are the most overvalued.

First the good news: less homes are overvalued today than in 2005, when the study found 45% of all homes 23% of homes were overvalued by 45%.

Today, 14% of homes for sale are still overvalued — but by only 25%:


The following shows where the overvalued/undervalued homes are located:


That decrease in overvaluation comes as no surprise: The huge overhang of inventory = price decreases (see  below).

Thus, many of the over-valued regions are becoming a little less overvalued.

But, depsite the hopes of the bottom-callers, there is still a ways to go.


Full Study: House Prices in America – Q1 2007
A Global Insight / National City Corporation, June 2007

2006 Q1 PDF: http://www.globalinsight.com/gcpath/1Q2006report.pdf


additional graphs, and a summary of the report, after the jump

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