Your world with Neil Cavuto: (6/20/05)



A heads up: I’ll be appearing on Fox today: Your World with Neil Cavuto @ 4:10pm EST.

The topics include the Markets, Oil, Fed, and how this plays out for the rest of the year.

I’m on with Meredith Whitney, executive Director CIBC World Markets, and Joe Keating, Chief Invest Officer at AmSouth Asset Management.


UPDATE JUNE 20, 2005 10:30pm

After my hit, I go into the green room, and who’s sitting there, but Larry Holmes! (Damn, no camera)!  Fox is doing a spot on Boxing between Men and Women. I introduce myself (Hi Champ!) and ask if he’s coming out of retirement to box a woman.  Big Larry, sitting next to his wife, good naturedly says something like "After fighting with the wife for the past 25 years, I’d be afraid to get into a ring with a woman."

A champion, and charming, too!

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