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Paul Kedrosky references the Comscore internet traffic data. Its pretty interesting to see some of what’s getting measured and metrixed, and what the fastest growers are (YouTube, Social networkers,).

There are a few things about the Comscore ratings that strike me as rather incongruous; Have a look at Table 4, which shows the Top 50 Properties by Unique Visitors. The usual suspects round out the top 5: Yahoo!, AOL/Time Warner, MSN-Microsoft, Google, eBay.

There are quite a few oddities, some of which I attribute to flaws in the comcast rating system:

Bank of America is number 26, but the much larger Chase and Citigroup are nowhere to be found in the top 50. The NYT is # 9, but the Dow Jones sites are no shows.

What the hell is Gorilla Nation Media, a new media/advertising firm — doing at # 24 — ahead of CBS and Disney (28 and 30). I suspect that somehow, everytime someone clicks on on of theiur served ads, it shops up as a uniwue visitor to them. Oh, and ESPN (36) is not part of the Disney affiliated sites.

NBC, MSNBC, CNBC — all no shows.

As we mentioned back in February in Gaming the Blog Ecosystem, there are huge incentives to do what can bve done to improve your ratings (i.e., cheating).  I suspect its going on with web traffic also.

If companies are willing to engage in fraud with their actual reported earnings, then on the big table of ethically challenged corporate behavior,  tweaking some code to raise your ratings isn’t even a misdeameanor. . . 

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