Katrina Overview (Updated)

One again, we see the internet is an unbelievable resource whenever these disasters — both manmade or Acts of God — strike. In particular, the images, maps, satellite views and photojournalism are truly astonishing.

Here’s an assortment of perspectives from the media and individual bloggers:



Americares (known as the most efficient relief charity in the U.S.)

Katrina/New Orleans Disaster Relief Aid

The KatrinaHelp Wiki relief page

Yahoo! Red Cross Donation Page

Assistance for Victims

Yahoo: Search for Missing People   


I’m Okay

Missing Persons Database (NOLA)

Medical Assistance

Food and Drug Administration

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Red Cross disaster services

•  The American Diabetes Association

•  The American Academy of Pediatrics

(via WSJ’s Medical Checklist for Disasters)

Katrina Blogs


Energy Related

Gulf Oil & Gas Pipelines and Rigs   

Tracking Fuel Costs   

Lousiana Gulf Refiners and other Petrol Interests

Gulf of Mexico: Rig Details

Katrina + Gulf Oil facilities   

Katrina Path and Insurance loss estimates

Satellite Views

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (and here)

Hurricane Katrina Aftermath (orbimage)

•  NASA Hurricane Resource Page

NYT Satellite Photos

Mississippi Flooding & Erosion

Katrina Flooding Seen from Space

New Orleans Satellite Image

Mississippi: Satellite View

New Orleans Drying Out?

Maps and Graphics

Rebuilding New Orleans

Evacuees Relocation

Storm Paths: 2005 and Before

Levee Systems of New Orleans  (NYT)

High-Tech Flood Control, European Style (NYT)

The Levee System Around New Orleans (WP)

New Orleans Elevation Map   

New Orleans Evacuation Routes

Mississippi River Watershed

What a 1938 Hurricane would do to Long Island

US Airline Disruptions

Also, watch these 2 satellite photo providers for their upcoming Katrina coverage:

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


Historical Media Coverage (Pre-Katrina)

Washing Away (eerily prescient series from THE TIMES-PICAYUNE)

Gone with the Water (Nat’l Georgraphic, October 2004)

NEW ORLEANS IS SINKING (September 11, 2001)

Media Coverage

Katrina News Tracker (free WSJ — no subsciption required) 

The New York Times



The Wall Street Journal (subsciption required)

•  BBC

Yahoo!: Hurricanes & Tropical Storms

Google Katrina News


Hurricane Katrina timeline 

The "city" of Louisiana (Keith Olbermann)   

The big disconnect on New Orleans (CNN) 

FEMA Hurricane Katrina Photo Gallery (talk about ironic juxstaposition!)









New Orlean Katrina Photos





MSNBC gulf coast



AP Video


•  New Orleans TV (WLOX) Aerial

•  Live New Orleans cams

•  Stormvideographer.com (See also SVG two, SVG three and SVG four)

Government Resources

Weather, Federal and State Government


I’ll update this page periodically . . .

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OS X Gas Widget

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Manufacturing versus Real Estate

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Gasoline Prices (by State)

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Predictions and Accountability

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Economic, Market Impact Of Hurricane Katrina

Good round up from Dow Jones:

Over a week after making
landfall, the broad economic fallout from Hurricane Katrina continues to
unfold. Economists are downgrading their third quarter growth forecasts for
the U.S. economy and not all think that rebuilding in the wake of the storm
will bring things back in the fourth quarter. Markets have stabilized
however, taking their cue from the price of oil and other refined energy
products, which have been hit by a major international effort to release
emergency energy reserves in an attempt to alleviate a supply crunch.
Estimates of the economic loss from the hurricane exceed $100 billion, with
the Senate’s top Democrat putting it closer to $150 billion.

are some of the main market and economic impacts:

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Katrina’s Oil Impact (and $4/gal gas)

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Barron’s Picks Up “Time to Bet Against the U.S. Consumer?”

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Overnight Holdings

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When to Sell Mutual Funds

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