Manufacturing versus Real Estate

Interesting chart via PIMCO’s Bill Gross, comparing manufacturing employment with tat of Real Estate agents. Recall we visited a related subject  back in April, looking at the bull market in Real Estate Agents.

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Note the two scales are very different. The chart doesn’t specify, but I am assuming that its in 1,000s.

The key takeaway is the ongoing shift — now in its 3rd decade — away from a manufacturing economy and towards a services ased one.


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Bill Gross
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Economic, Market Impact Of Hurricane Katrina

Good round up from Dow Jones:

Over a week after making
landfall, the broad economic fallout from Hurricane Katrina continues to
unfold. Economists are downgrading their third quarter growth forecasts for
the U.S. economy and not all think that rebuilding in the wake of the storm
will bring things back in the fourth quarter. Markets have stabilized
however, taking their cue from the price of oil and other refined energy
products, which have been hit by a major international effort to release
emergency energy reserves in an attempt to alleviate a supply crunch.
Estimates of the economic loss from the hurricane exceed $100 billion, with
the Senate’s top Democrat putting it closer to $150 billion.

are some of the main market and economic impacts:

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