I had a small technical glitch, which is now fixed — but there are a slew of posts coming:  Market, Music, Technicals, Fed, etc.

I’ll try to spread them out.

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Lowry’s Paul Desmond

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Covering the Gold Short

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What I learned over the past few weeks

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Are Bears really more rigorous than Bulls?

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Does GM Hedge?

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A Better Sentiment Measure: DrKW’s Fear & Greed Index

Small World: On Saturday, I mentioned problems with Citibank’s Panic/Euphoria sentiment measure. Then, I discussed the work of James Montier of Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein (DrKW) yesterday, (Seven Sins of Fund Management). This was the first time I ever mentioned him. By coincidence, I read about a Fear/Greed indicator last night from the very same James…Read More

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Weekend Linkfest (Nor’Easter Version)

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Guide to Winning Portfolios

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Seven Sins of Fund Management

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