Unemployment Rate: Saved by the Gals!

How did we get to that 4.4% unemployment rate?  The answer lay in Table A: The “Employment” component expanded by +437k;

Note that the Household data is from whence the unemployment rate comes from. To see the details of who was contributing to the hiring surge that. Just two weeks before the election, it conveniently dropped the unemployment rate 0.2%:

From Table A-1:

(Men of this age and over…..)
M 16+ 57k
M 20+ 40k

(Women of this age and over ….)
W 16+ 379k
W 20+ 303k

~87% of the jump in the “Employment” component of the Household Survey was women.

Helluva month — a huge decrease in unemployment nearly totally dependent on a massive surge in women returning back to the workplace . . . I never saw that one coming.

Go figure.


UPDATE: November 6, 2006 1:10pm

Yaser Anwar adds: "Investors need to ask the question- How long can the economy thrive
when over 2/3rds of the job gains in the last six months have come from
government, education, health and leisure services?"



BLS, Household Survey, November 03, 2006


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Yesterday, we discussed the $40M NAR ad campaign, “It’s a great time to buy or sell a home!” On the way home, I actually saw the full page ad in the Personal section of the WSJ; (Unfortunately for the NAR, the section’s front page article was “The New Word in Home Sales: ‘Canceled’) I read…Read More

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It’s a great time to buy or sell a home!

In fact, its such a good time, that the National Association of Realtors decided they need to drop $40 million telling you so: > > Buy the way, imagine if a Fund manager or analyst ever said: XYZ? Oh, yeah, its a great time to BUY OR SELL that. (They would cart them away). Here’s…Read More

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Blog Spotlight: Abnormal Returns

Another edition of our new series:  Blog Spotlight.

We put together a short list of excellent but somewhat overlooked
blog that deserves a greater audience. Expect to see a post from a
different featured blogger here every Tuesday and Thursday evening,
around 7pm.

Up next in our Blogger SpotlightAbnormal Returns. AR is a year old blog written by a private investor with
nearly two decades of experience in the markets.  His experience
includes a stint in a variety of roles with a mainstream investment
management organization, extensive publications in the practitioner
literature, and a hedge fund start-up.  The Abnormal Returns blog is
focused on investor education and unearthing items of interest for the
investment blogosphere.




Today’s focus commentary looks at Stock Replacement Strategies in the Spotlight


Replacement Strategies in the Spotlight

Seldom a day goes by
without the financial press reporting on some new financial product innovation. 
We have been attuned to the fact that with this increase in choice also comes a
need for education and proper context. 
ETFs are clearly the most visible
innovation, the list does
not end there.  Option volumes have
showing an increasing
interest on the part of investors to more closely match their viewpoint with the
most appropriate financial instrument.

here at
do not claim to be
options experts, but the time is right to explore an interesting options-related
opportunity.  The stock market, measured by the S&P 500, has run up from a
June low of some 1220 to a recent high of nearly 1390, for a gain of some 14%. 
With some
measures becoming a bit overextended it should not come as surprise that some
investors are looking to reduce their overall market exposure.

Read More

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