Generic Wiki Linkfest

I am en route back from La Jolla, California, so no linkfest this week. However, here’s the generic version — you guys can fill in the numbered links and general topics yourselves in the comments!


Uh-Oh: That was a _____ week

Something from Barron’s Trader column. Snarky observation about some underperforming sector, but noting new record market highs.

Where to begin this week? The Market? The Dollar? Yields? Housing? No matter — we got it all covered:


1 •  Lead Story of the Week

2 • Bullish article on why the rally can continue

3 • Bearish article on why its almost over 

4 • Big Picture post

5 • Something Technical Analysis related

6 • Mark Hulbert/Dan Gross column

7 • Another Big Picture post

8 • Video from Bloomberg/TSCM/WSJ

9 • Academic Research

10 • Something Quirky Market related


The Wall of worry continues to build:

11 • Major Econ release(s)

12 • Big Picture Econ tear apart

13 • Caroline Baum trashes something

14 • Another Big Picture Econ tear apart

15 • Retail is worse than you think


16 • Housing is bad.

17 • No, really bad;

18 • And, Its getting worse.

19 • Something idiotic from the NAR and/or David Lereah


20 • WSJ Real Estate Journal advice on selling your house


21 • Bernanke/Fed Governor jawboning strong growth and weak inflation

22 • Greg Ip/John Berry column

23 • Obscure Fed Researcher


24 • Things are so bullish its bearish

25 • Actually,things aren’t so bullish at all, and the individual investor is not participating.

26 • Something from Doc Steenbarger’s TraderFeed



27 • War in Iraq: Turns out, its not going so well

28 • Energy story about solar/wind/geothermal

29 • Media story on something absurd about the Media

30 • The Administration did something not very bright

31 • Thomas Friedman column 

Technology & Science

32 • Google is great

33 • Apple, too

34 • but Microsoft sucks

35 • Tech: Wow!

36 • Science: bigger wow!

37 • Internet: hmmm, that’s interesting

38 • Tech just keeps getting cooler

39 • Science something odd and surprising

40 • This Internet thingie is gonna be big one day

41 • Quirky geek something or other


Music Books Movies TV Fun!

42 • Music something new to listen to

43 • Music older — Jazz, classic R&R 

44 • Movie in the theater worth seeing; Also, this DVD was good

45 • Book about economics/market/investing 

46 • Guess whats on TV this week?

47 • Humor — pretty funny

48 • Video — man, thats weird

49 • Time awasting web based video game (time suck)

50 • Another YouTube/Google Video

51 • Quirky: Man, THATS weird

52 • Hilarity ensues


That’s all from here, where _______ involving weather/ sports / shopping in the NorthEast, where (something I dont know what) is coming this week.

Safe ______!

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