Edges for Individual Investors

An unusually sedate Jim Cramer has a very intelligent conversation with James Altucher about the markets, edges for individuals and the backlash to his CNBC show.

The advantages for the individual is that there is no need to mark-to-market — they can be patient, as they are not be forced to generate performance numbers monthly. Plus, they are not limited to $7 billion plus caps, and can find various alternative stocks that are not overly owned or researched.

These are both huge advantages.

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Source:  TheStreet.com


Hey Jim Cramer!  Please do more of this sort of stuff! 

I know the Mad Money show needs the "theatrics," the over the top behavior, biting the heads off of the toys –  But this sort of sober, quiet, intelligent conversation is instructive and wonderful for those who either do not want or need the carnival atmoshpere of the show.

You should do more of this, either on the web or elsewhere.

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