Chart of the Week: 10 Best Performing Dow Sectors

Despite the poor market performance in January, some sectors
managed to buck the trend: With the SPX down 2.5%, the Dow sectors highlighted
below had a very respectable month.

10 Best Performing Dow Sectors



Source: Chart of the Day

CotD notes: “The best performing sectors suggest the market
is largely focused on a strengthening global economy and the resulting increase
in demand for energy and basic materials.”

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Quote of the Day:

"[Fed Chair] Greenspan, who
consciously perfected the art of saying nothing, but saying it with exquisite
obscurity, has also done a wonderful job of rendering the Fed’s actions
ineffectual, at least when they take the form of anything but making credit
-Alan Abelson, Security and Securities, Barrons, February 7, 2005

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Job Gains: How have Presidents fared?

Jobs-data-palooza continues, with an analysis of the jobs data for each Presidential term, by Global Insight (via WSJ).

Note that most Presidents tend to get too much blame and take too much credit for economic gaisn and losses. That said the WSJ reported that "Bush gained jobs during his first term but in percentage terms, his job
creation record compares poorly to that of almost every previous presidential
term for which comparable data is available, according to research firm Global

Three charts show how the present administration is faring vis-a-vis past Presdients:

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