Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (8/2/07)



>Its the regular 5 pm appearance on Kudlow tonite on CNBC:  Jason Trennart of Strategas, and Roger McNamee of Integral Capital, and the irrationally exuberant Jerry Bower. Intrade CEO John DeLaney may also be dropping in.

The discussion will cover the market’s volatility, yesterday’s rebound, and the economy  Other things worth noting:

-More than two-thirds of Americans believe U.S. economy is in recession now or will be by next year (Wall Street Journal/NBC News)

-Financials continue to crater on the unknown potential liability of CDOs, amidst worries about credit; Meanwhile, Germany had to rescue subprime lenders   

-GM, Ford, Toyota, Honda Say U.S. Sales Fell in July: Its one thing when GM or Ford stink up the joint — but when Toyota and Honda join them, you know something is not good in consumer-land.

-More and more hedge funds are blowing up

-Yesterday’s bounce could have been caused by key technical lines being held, or perhaps  it was the correction of a trading error.

The Dow is off 4.6% from its recent high last week, while the S&P and the Nasdaq are off 5.6% — but the Russell 2000 is off ~9% – a huge differential.

To say the least, it should be interesting.

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