Friday Evening Jazz: Mose Allison

Mind_vacay_1I stumbled across this NPR broadcast of one of my favorite Jazz Musicians, Mose Allison. (I mentioned Mose back in 2005) His work has just the right sort of snarky lyrics and Delta blues driven jazz piano that just works for me.

NPR on the man:

"The music of pianist, singer, and composer Mose Allison has had an influence well beyond his record sales. Known as "The William Faulkner of Jazz,"
Allison has been recording for more than 35 years and few musicians have had greater impact as a stylist or songwriter."

A few tunes off of Mose Allison’s
The Sage of Tippo’
click to play (Real Networks)

This disc pictured above right pretty much sums up the Mose attitude: Your Mind is on Vacation  (but your mouth is working overtime).

Another great collection is Tell Me Something; its mostly Mose Allison covers by Van Morrison, Georgie Fame, and a few tracks even have Mose himself on ‘em.


Its a good intro to Mose; The link below leads to a NPR interview around the time "Tell Me Something" came out:

Listen to a 1996 Morning Edition
interview with Mose Allison

If you want to start out, you could always go straight to the
Greatest Hits or Best ofs — they will work fine for newbies, also.

Lastly, here’s a rare video of Van Morrison and Mose Allison:



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