Wired: How to Put Your DVDs on Your Video iPod

Why is it that I can buy a CD and legally listen to its content on my iPod, but the DVD I legally purchase cannot be watched on my video iPod?

Does that make any sense?

You can physically (or virtually) do that, but you are — believe it or not — actually breaking the law. That’s right, transferring your store bought DVD to your own iPod is a violation of The Digital Millennium Copyright Act  (you are permitted to make a back up copy of a DVD).

The content industry is doing all they can to destroy their own business, and drag down the technology industry with it. 

For you "scofflaws" who think there is nothing inappropriate about viewing your legally acquired content on your legally acquired hardware, (i.e., watching movies on a your iPod), here’s how its done, according to Wired Magazine:


1. Decrypt the DISC
Software like DVDFab Decrypter (www.dvdidle.com/free.htm) removes a DVD’s copy protection. Remember, this is the illegal part, which is why DVD decrypting software is always a moving target. Should DVDFab disappear, a replacement is just a Google search away.

2. Combine the Video files
Ripping a DVD produces a bunch of cryptically named .VOB files. VOBMerge 2.5 (medlem.spray.se/evilmastr/mainmenu.php) will string them together. To find the movie, look for a series of very large files named something like VTS_07_1.VOB, VTS_07_2.VOB, and so on.

3. Convert the Movie
Use an app like 3GP_Converter (www.videohelp.com/tools?tool=3GP_Converter) to turn your movie into an iPod-compatible MPEG-4 file. Select "Model: MP4, for iPod" as the conversion mode (there is also an option for the PSP). The resulting file is ready for iTunes.

The Mac version comes from Macteens web site:


1. Download Handbrake

Download HandBrake for Mac OS X (http://handbrake.m0k.org/download.php). HandBrake is an open source app and doesn’t require any installation

2. Rip DVD

After doing so, HandBrake should have selected for you (if not, select the DVD manually by choosing “DVD Folder/image) and clicking “Browse"). Hit Enter and the HandBrake window should become available. Give the file the appropriate name and destination.

3. Applying these settings:

File Format: MP4 file
Codecs: AVC/H.264 / AAC Audio

Framerate (fps): 15
Encoder: x264 (Baseline profile)

Average bitrate (kbps): 192

Sample Rate (Hz): 44100
Bitrate (kbps): 80


Its pretty absurd that you cannot watch what you want on whatever device you own . . .



Putting Your DVDs on a Video iPod
Issue 14.03 – March 2006

Putting DVDs onto your iPod
Sam Rothenberg
12/31/2005 at 09:08 PM                                                  http://macteens.com/index.php/features/fullstory/putting_dvds_onto_your_ipod/

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