More Dow Jones Content Comes Out from the Firewall

WSJ and Barron’s have both introduced a slew of new content that is free (or temporarily free):

The WSJ home page is now divided into Subscribers: Personal Tech, Question of the Day, Deals & Deal Makers, Personal Finance and a variety of other content are behind out the sub-only firewall:


Same too for Barrons: Now free on the site are: Eric Savitz’ TECH TRADER DAILY BLOG; Randall W. Forsyth’s UP AND DOWN WALL STREET DAILY; Steven Sears’ THE STRIKING PRICE DAILY; and Michael Kahn’s GETTING TECHNICAL



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Why I don’t buy the 4.5% Unemployment Rate

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Music Sales Fall for 7th Consecutive Year

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Presidential Futures Market

Fascinating overview of how the presidential aspirants are doing at the political futures trading sites:


The guy I supported in 2000 has become a huge short sale:

Presidential Futures Market: McCain Plummets


Yeah, that’s right: my disclosure is I supported McCain in 2000. I thought the guy was unreachable by special interests. (What do I know? Turned out he’s just another whore like the rest of ‘em — He caved in to the religious right, and they saw right through him).


The rest of the field is after the jump: On the Dem side, its Hillary & Obama; For the GOP, its Rudy and Fred Thompson.

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Commodities Sectors

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Homes vs. Offices

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Happy 4th of July!

Enjoy the celebrations –  but remember what it is we are celebrating . . .





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