Ritholtz on The Daily Show?

TdsHow whack is this?

I get a phone call from The Daily Show (yes, that Daily Show) — about an appearance for a show next week on Alan Greenspan’s retirement!

Who is this really? One of my buds pulling my chain? (That f&*%ing Cody!)

No, its Sarah from the Daily Show — email me at XXXX@XXXXXXX.com if you don’t believe me.

Holy Snikeys! This is awesome! I saw Jon Stewart doing stand up years ago! Is there a funnier religious joke than his Yom Kippur versus Lent riff?  I even met him at some Manhattan fund raiser a dozen years ago. And I love the The Daily Show!

Hell, yes! I’d love to do the show!

Sara tells me they are doing a segment on Greenspan’s retirement, and wanted some Wall Streeters to comment on the Maestro. You know, nice retirement type things.

Sigh . . . Alas, I tell the producer the truth: While I think the Federal Reserve Chief is an impossible position, Greenspan has done a lousy job with it. The Stock Market bubble, the Housing Debt explosion, etc. He is like a doctor whose solution to any malady is to give the patient some candy. You feel good for the moment, but its rotting your teeth out of your head. While I cannot blame all of our economic woes on the Fed Chair, his 2 decades of easy money has made a bad situation worse. In short, he has created a mess.

Thanks anyway, she says, but we want someone a little more pro-Greenie. If you know of anyone, please let us know.

Oh, well — I’m sure I can think of someone !

(Thanks, Paul!)


UPDATE: January  26, 2006  3:45pm

I immediately think of 3 names who can say nice things about Greenspan for the show: Larry Kudlow, James Cramer and Steve Liesman. I tag Larry and Jim’s assistants, and shoot an email to The Daily Show. They’d rather have a non-economist — so there goes Kudlow or Liesman.

They go with Mad Jim. He says the shoot is alot of fun (damn!)

The segment airs Tuesday at 11pm on Comedy Central.

So close . . .

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