Briefing.com likes our turn of the phrase yesterday:

13:56 10-Yr:-14/32..5.186%.. GNMAs:-09/32..
USD/JPY:110.2150.. EUR/USD:1.2891

"Whackage" May Extend
into Next Week:
  The market continues its slow spiral lower, weighed
upon by inflation worries & will face the week ahead braced for a run of
specified pricing reports.  The data due include the TICS report, which,
although a slow release (2 months behind) it will still be scoured for the
"who’s doing what for US" aspect.  The PPI & CPI reports
have the potential to cause further "whackage" (thank you Mr. Ritholtz,
for coining a word full of truthiness).
All the major breakdowns on the
pricing index data are expected to show increases…with of course, the
exception of CPI core-ex-food & energy (who needs ‘em?) which is expected to
dip to 0.2% from 0.3% with PPI ex-sustenance, gas & heat, is expected to
print flat at 1.7%.  The week is sprinkled with other potentially incriminating
data that will have players using contorted mental calculations to determine
what it all means for the data devotional Fed.

Glad you liked it, Beth!

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