Troll Decimation Upgrade

Cool new Typepad feature:

Not only can I ban specific IP adresses and keywords from posting, but I can retroactiviely "Unpublish" all the posts from any specific Name, Email or IP Address.

I just banned a bunch of traffic trolls, spammers and other miscreants, but the most fun was eliminating almost a year’s worth of nonsensical troll postings from one jackass in particular: IP Address =

I started sifting thru comments and found over 100 of these space wasting word spasms; 3 keystrokes and — bam! All of it "unpublished."

Back to the Yahoo Message Boards with you!

What’s so cool about this is that any troll/spammer/tool can waste 100 of hours writing this nonsense, and all that effort goes away in a blink of an eye.

Now if we can get Google and Blogger to ban the splogs, we’d be onto something . . .

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