Indy Radio

Here’s another way in which the labels and radio stations are ultimately threatened:


Indy Radio is a "music discovery tool."

The goal, according to their FAQ, is to give indy musicians a great new way to promote their music, and to create a whole new way for people to discover music that they’ll love.

Indy uses a collaborative filter, identifying fans with similar taste
to yours to recommend music they like. It’s basically the way people
have always recommended music to their friends, the
only difference is that Indy draws on the recommendations and taste of
a whole lot more people. Indy uses the COllaborative Filtering
although we are working on our own collaborative filtering engine to
dramatically improve the scalability of Indy and related software we
are working on right now.

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Liability for Heinous Behavior

Lefsetz observes that "Conventional wisdom is the content companies won, P2P lost. The Grokster decision was heralded as a great day in the fight against file-trading and the establishment of legitimate online services.

The only problem is this is not what Justice Souter’s opinion said.

Justice Souter questioned whether file-trading was even hurting the labels. He restated the essence of Sony Betamax. The judgment didn’t turn on broad intellectual property issues, rather the decision took the form of castigation and liability for heinous behavior."

Below please find from Souter’s decision the actual behavior of Grokster and Streamcast:


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