Redefining The Album Concept

Someone else who "gets it:"

Ask any record company suit about why record sales are down from 30 billion dollars per year to 18 billion and they will instantly start in on the effects of Napster, peer-to-peer sites and piracy. And they are wrong. The modern fall of the record business as we know it is based on the rise in popularity of DVDs and video gaming, paired with the poor entertainment value associated with a mainstream compact disc. For $22, a media-buying customer can get a Hollywood blockbuster for a home theater system, PC or even the back seat of the family Escalade. For about $30, you can get a video game, which, like a DVD-Video movie, is an audio video experience that can provide you with countless hours of entertainment. Today, for $16.99 in most stores around the country, you get a good 40 to 70 minutes of music, of which only a few tracks can be considered hits. It’s easy for consumers to see how the value of a CD today no longer competes in the marketplace with video games and DVD movies.

Let me add that DVDs are often much cheaper than $22.

Its really not all that complicated . .  .

Small High-Res Labels Redefine The Album Concept
Jerry Del Colliano
June 16, 2005

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