Your world with Neil Cavuto: (6/07/05)



A heads up: I’ll be appearing on Fox today: Cavuto on Business @ 4:30pm EST.

The topics include the Fed, Alan Greenspan, and who will be replacing him, and of course, whether or not we are in the 8th inning rate tightening cycle.

I’m on with Jonah MaxFerris, and  Don Nelson of DC Nelson Capital

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limit CD burning: Give me more excuses not to buy CDs

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You Don’t Know Jack (or, Radio Tries the Shuffle Button)

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Alternative Investments: Antique Autos

Here’s an alternative investment: finely wrought and meticulously maintained sheet metal. The Old Westbury Garden Antique Auto Show 1957 Buick 88 There were over 400 autos here, so I limited my photo taking to only 100 cars; My interests tend towards the 1940s and 1950s era designs. Be forewarned — this is a giant time…Read More

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Anticipating the Dominant Stories

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Chart of the Week: 10 Year Yield (Post-Crash) vs Japan

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uh-oh: Time Magazine on Housing

Is this the Magazine Indicator at work? First Fortune, now Time Magazine: We’ve seen some terrific Contrary market calls from magazine covers:  Time magazine naming Jeff Bezos man of the year in December 1999 marked the top of the internet bubble; The March 21st  2005 Newsweek cover story, “The Incredible  Shrinking Dollar,” marked a key…Read More

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Enjoy It While It Lasts

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Sunday Night Link Fest

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Quote of the Day

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