Even More CDs Under $10: Jack Johnson

Our ongoing search for reasonably priced recorded major label music continues. Tonite, one of my favorite new artists of recent years: Jack Johnson. If you like folk- and blues-inflected pop or surfers/singer-songwriters, than this is your boy. Its $10 bucks, so step up and buy one. Both of these are  must haves.

Also in tonites very short list: Matthew Sweet’s Girlfriend. Its the only CD that is not under $10 this week ($10.99), but I included it because 1) it is one of the best discs to come out in the past 15 years; b) it shows you how braindead the major labels can be –  A&M Records dropped this prior to its release, only to watch it become a Gold record (idiots); and iii) its available used for about $3. If you like undeniably great songs and alternative/power pop, this is a must have.


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