Fund Flows Go Defensive

We really don’t talk about fund flows very often, but last week saw moeny moving out of equities and into bonds.

According to AMG Data, the week ending May 24 2006:

-Equity Fund Outflows -$3.3 Bil;
-Taxable Bond Fund Inflows $229 Mil
-xETFs -
Equity Fund Outflows -$3.0 Bil; Taxable Bond Fund Inflows $149 Mil
- Money Market funds report net inflows totaling $12.567
billion (Taxable MM funds inflows totaling $15.094 billion  versus Tax-exempt outflows of -$2.527 billion)

I would love to see this data as a longer term chart versus SPX

via AMG Data


UPDATE May 26, 2006 3:09pm

Good chart I’ve been meaning to post — and on this very subject


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