Tax day! (almost)


Just a warning: I filed online (earlier) at Complete Tax.

If you use them, they have buried in the center of their very long License/Terms of Use an opt out:

"Check this box if you do not want to receive our promotional information as indicated above."

Nearly every page I’ve encountered places the Terms of Use opt out box (or if they have any scruples, Opt In) right near where you must click "accept" or "decline."

Not these characters. Its a screen or two away from the buttons you click, buried amongst all the fine print. Very obnoxious, and more than a little tricky.

If you are doing your taxes online, two pieces of advice:  The 15th has very slow wait times, and you risk server crashes/lost filings. You online filers/procrastinators best do them today, rather than tomorrow. Second, read the EULA/Terms of Use.

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