Bring back the Clock / CNBC Futures Bug

Is it just me, or does the new CNBC look come across as well,  more of a Football Game than a financial news channel? Maybe I just have to get used to it.

The least user friendly feature is the Futures Bug/Market Indices across the top of the screen — its just very tough to read up there. It was much easier to read when it was smack dab in the bottom right hand corner of the screen (where its always been).

Also, I miss the clock above the bug (same locale); When getting ready for work, its helpful in the early am to know the time. The wife (who does not work on Wall Street) used to tolerate CNBC in the morning — because of the clock — occasionally flip back and forth to CBS, which has a clock on screen all the time. Now, as we are getting, without the CNBC clock there, CBS wins. No clcokc, no CNBC she says — I don’t have a compelling argument for that.

Lastly, I don’t have a terrible problem with the whooshing sound effects that accompany the graphics — yeah, its annoying, but its not that bad. And the charts are a little busy.

But its the location of the futures bug, and most importantly, the clock — even if it cycles thru Tokyo – London – NY — that is the biggest problem with the new format . . .


UPDATE December 20, 2005  11:43PM

You guys aren’t the only ones complaining –
CNBC Has Received "Tens of Thousands" of Complaints About New Graphics & Noises

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