Unemployment, by County & City

Interesting map, brought to my attention by Kevin from Calgary, showing unemployment in the United States, broken down by County.

click for larger map:


Poking around BLS, I came across another map — Unemployment rates by Metropolitan area:

click for larger map:


Surprisingly, some of the hotter Real Estate markets show less robust Emploment levels; It makes me wonder if the bifurcation we’ve seen in Retail (Wal-Mart vs. Tiffanys) also is applicable to Real Estate.

I wonder if we are becoming a country divided — not so much into the "Haves" and "Have-Nots," but more subtly, into "Have-Mores" and "Have-Less." 

It may be that the middle class is just a temporary, post-WW2 phenomena. Just a thought . . . .


Unemployment, by County

Unemployment, by Metropolitan Area

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