Congrats Roger!

I just learned that Roger Nussbaum (Random Roger) is writing for The

Boy, do I feel like a doofus — I have been travelling so much I missed his premiere —

Congratulations Roger!

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Weekend Linkfest

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Read it here first: Federal Off Balance Sheet Funding

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Subsidizing U.S. Borrowing & Spending

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Google Blog images

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Consumer Spending, Personal Income, Credit Card “Issues”

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Why Write ?

Terrific quote from Daniel Boorstin, who wrote 2 tomes that I really enjoyed — The Discoverers, and The Creators — over his years as Chief Librarian at the Library of Congress. Here’s the quote: “Daniel Boorstin, the former librarian of Congress, used to rise at 5 each morning and write for two hours before going…Read More

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Gulf of Mexico Rig Damage

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