Best Buy Doorbuster

Best Buy was running a number of Doorbuster sales this morning: Including a Panasonic 42" Plasma HDTV for $999, a Toshiba 50" Plasma HDTV for $1699, Westinghouse 32" LCD HDTV for $479, Hewlett-Packard Pavilion Notebook for $379, and Nintendo’s new hard to get Wii for $249 — and lots of DVDs for $2.99 and 4.99.

Since I’m on NY time and we’re an hour behind in Chicago, going to the store with my nephew at 4:45am to pick up a Nintendo Wii was no big deal – back home, I’m normally up an hour already.

As Mrs. Big Picture likes to say:  "Its not shopping, its economic research!"

We pull into the parking lot — and we’re stunned! Hardly any spots at all. The line starts at Best Buy, goes across the entire front of the strip mall — Best Buy, Ultra, Pier One, PetCo, and a few other stores — wraps around the side of the building and turns around the back!

My guesstimate is there were 500 to 1000 people waiting to get in. The store was very well managed, with good crowd control, well organized inside — it was like a maze the way they snaked everyone thru various departments, and to the registers. It was also fully staffed; these kids should get combat pay for working Black Friday at 4:45am

Of course, there were no Wiis (SUNDAY AM UPDATE: we hear thru Brad’s sources Wiis will be available Sunday AM, something my nephew swears me to secrecy on).

I pick up a buncha flix ($2.99: Groundhog Day, Ice Age, 50 First Dates; $4.99: Man on Fire, Fight Club, Crash). These are the same price as rentals, so I don’t terribly mind buying these in the soon to be defunct DVD format. Alas, my DVD buying is coming to an end, as I await to see which HD format — Blu-ray or HD-DVD — will be the winner.   

Its too bad I only had the Razr with me, and not the digital camera. For some reason, Verizon seems to be backed up with traffic, and the snaps I sent to myself are trickling in slowly — I’ll update this as the rest of the mod scene comes in later today (UPDATED BELOW):

Inside Scene, 5:05am

Front of Building
(Best Buy is at the far right on your screen — near the car w/brights on –  4 stores down)


to the left of Pier one are another few stores, then the line turns around the corner: 

Side of the building

Even the Media is here

Front Parking Lot

Next economic research stop for us: Land’s End.

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Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (11/22/06)



This morning, I’ll be on CNBC at 11:00am sharp, discussing the general slowdown in the economy with the lovely Liz Claman.

On today’s agenda:

The Retail sector has had a terrific
run – see the iShares Dow Jones Consumer Goods 2 year chart (IYK) below.

We are looking for a 3-4% increase –
comparable to last year’s holiday gains. 

But this
year, Holiday Retail could end up being the “canary in the coal mine” for the economy
as well as the stock market . . .

Programming note:  Today’s appearance marks the return of The Sweater ®

UPDATE: November 22, 2006 11:33am

No retail, and no Liz  ; (

Oh, well. Carl’s a nice guy anyway.



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