Asian Markets’ Closing Prices

China’s main stock market is under pressure this morning; We should expect some spillover across Asian Markets, Europe and the US.

The WSJ observed:

"Shanghai’s benchmark stock index plunged nearly 9% on
Tuesday, its biggest drop in more than 10 years, as investors unloaded
shares to lock in profits after recent gains. Asian-Pacific markets
ended mostly lower.

The Shanghai Composite Index tumbled 8.8% to close at
2771.79, its biggest single-day decline since it fell 9.4% on Feb. 18,
1997, just after the death of Communist Party elder Deng Xiaoping. The
Shanghai index had gained 1.4% on Monday to 3040.60, extending a spate
of record high closes."

Here are the closing prices throughout most of Asia and the Pacific Rim:












































Australia 5977.60 -44.30 -0.74%
Hong Kong 20147.87 -360.08 -1.76%
India 13478.83 -170.69 -1.25%
Indonesia 1764.01 -19.94 -1.12%
Japan 18119.92 -95.43 -0.52%
Malaysia 234.67 -7.48 -3.09%
Pakistan 11378.02 -15.67 -0.14%
Philippines 3331.29 -48.71 -1.44%
Singapore 3232.02 -75.90 -2.29%
S.Korea 1454.60 -15.43 -1.05%
Sri Lanka 2996.49 -15.83 -0.53%
Taiwan 7901.96 1.76 0.02%
Thailand 683.95 -4.75 -0.69%
Sources: Dow Jones, Reuters

China’s Market Slides Nearly 9%;
Regional Indexes End Mostly Lower

WSJ, February 27, 2007 5:52 a.m.

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