Marketwatch to Dow Jones

Last week, we mentioned the consolidation taking place in Financial Media

It seems a deal was reached over the weekend:  Dow Jones snagged CBS Marketwatch for $18/share or $ 519 million dollars.

This effectively triples DJ’s reach. Dow Jones’ (paid subscription access only) averaged 2.8 million "unique visitors" every month. MarketWatch, which is a free site, had 7.6 million visitors.

The purchase will give Dow Jones a "dual" model:  a high end subscription site, including Barrons and WSJ, and a higher traffic, free site. One would expect  economies of scale and creative advertising packaging (different sites with different demographics)  to make this work on an ongoing basis.

I haven’t drilled down thru the numbers to see if they are overpaying, but it seems rich at first glance.

Next up: What do the suitors who failed to snag Marketwatch — NYT, Reuters, Yahoo!, etc. — do instead?  They look at whether The offers a viable alternative to Marketwatch help bulk up traffic.

Disclosure: I publish at, but hold no equity interest or stock in TSCM.

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