Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (8/17/06)



We are back to our regular Thursday night schedule of appearances. Some of the regular crew is on:  Marketwatch writer (and new blogger) Herb Greenberg, along with Jeff Macke (who I met this past weekend at MIM) as well as Fifth Third fund manager John Augustine.

The topics will be the new Rally, Technicals & Sentiment, and of course, Inflation. We’re scheduled to be on from 5:30 to 6:00 pm. 


Missing from the line up is Noah Blackstein, who I understand is something of a market groundhog:  If Noah comes out of his trading turret and sees his shadow, we get 6 more weeks  of any selloff; If he does not see his shadow, markets rally. (I wonder if part of the problem is that Noah lives in Canada)

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