Intraday Reversal

Days like today that start strong and finish weak are not particularly good for sentiment or the technicals. Especially, coming as it did when the market is so extended after its nice move up in July.

Dow Jones Intraday

Nasdaq False Breakout — the "Bull Trap"


That may set us up for a little softness for the next few weeks.

There’s lots of support near 2100 — if we see that level (or anywhere close), I’m a buyer, looking for the last leg up of this cyclical bull run.

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Fed Follow Up

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Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (08/09/05)

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Post Recession Employment Recovery

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Misleading WSJ Chart

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Real Estate Begins to Cool

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Chart of the Week: Housing Inventory

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Inventory of Homes for Sale Increases

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U.S. Savings Rate = 0%

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Sunday Linkfest

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