The Tao of Steve

Tao_steveIndie cult classic The Tao of Steve is showing over the next few days on IFC — perfect for our forecast rainy weekend here in the NorthEast.

I’ve always thought it was a great unknown date movie, along the lines of Chasing Amy or Kissing Jessica Stein (excellent script, great characters, very likable cast).

If you haven’t caught it yet, the film is a charming romantic comedy about the prolonged adolescence of a paunchy womanizing slacker named Dex. The "Tao" are Dex’s actual rules for how to seduce women, based upon the worldly wisdom of 3 famous Steves: McGarrett, Austin & McQueen.

Guys tend to love the first half of the movie (for obvious reasons); Its where the secrets of the Tao of Steve gets explained. The second act is all about why us guys have it so wrong. Its really a great date movie, but for your own sake, try not to whoop it up too much at an inopportune moment (trust me on this).

Indeed, let’s not kid ourselves — this is a chick flick. A rambunctious, charming rougue, an immature womanizing Man/Boy — a guy’s guy — ultimately gets broken and domesticated by love. Hence, why the missus will enjoy it, too. 

Tao is one of those flicks made so much better by a killer soundtrack (think Garden State or Desperado). Weird Triva: A song on the Tao soundtrack, Superman by Lazlo Bane, became the Scrub’s Theme Song.   

The closest thing in a mainstream Hollywood version of the Peter Pan syndrome is either the Jack Nicholson/Dianne Keaton vehicle, Something’s Gotta Give, or Matthew McConaughey Failure to Launch.

Neither of those are remotely as likable as the Tao of Steve


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