We’ve gone Map Crazy, part 3 (Iraq edition)

We are at it again, folks. Iraq’s elections are today. Following in the footsteps of our previous Map obsessions, here is the latest collection of graphics — but this time, we look at Iraq, and not the US elections.  Call it everything you wanted to kn ow about Iraq — its geography, politics, religions, ethnicity, insurgency and violence — but were afraid to ask . . .


Iraqi Provinces (Governorates) 
consider these Iraq’s "States"
Iraq: Not a Blue or Red State
more of the same

Iraq’s Complex Government Structure   
Is this any way to run City Hall?

Iraq’s Oil Infrastructure
People love Freedom . . .

Iraq Religous and Ethnic Groups   
kinda complex when compared to our mess

Iraqi Voter Participation by Ethnic Group
Some groups will be boycotting the election

ViolenceUnfortunately, this has become the most prevalent type of map we’ve come across

175 Election Attacks in Iraq
Iraqis voted despite attacks; Now if we can only get Americans to do so . . .

260 Attacks on Election Day

Iraq Attacks by district
attacks per 100,000 persons

Iraq’s Security-challenged Provinces
No, really everything’s going just fine

Iraq Insurgency Map
except for the 100,000 dead civilians

Violence shifts locale as election approached

Violence in Baghdad               

US (and coalition) Casualties in Iraq

And how could we do this without throwing in a US poll?

US on Bush’s handling of Iraq War
You broke it, you bought it . . .

Come across any others? Please let me know


UPDATE: January 31, 2005 11:01am

 The L.A. Times has an extensive collection of graphics (Pre-2005) covering many other issues – worth checking out . . .

UPDATE 2: February 1, 2005 7:01am
The WSJ has a nice round up of the rest of the world’s Press reaction to the Iraq vote: Graphic: World Press Reacts


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