Bloomberg TV (7:05 AM, 11/30/05)


A quick heads up:  If you are in front of a TV set while you are getting dressed or over breakfast on Wednesday morning, I’ll be on Bloomberg TV (US) for a quick chat on Holiday Retail shopping season.

I expect the conversation will follow the recent Visa and NRF hype discussions . . . 

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Napster versus Apple

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How Media Can Connect with Their Customers, according to U2

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Mixed Retail Picture: Visa Edition

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Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (11/28/05)

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More To Holiday Sales Than A Few Phone Calls

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Don’t Believe the Hype: A Very Mixed Retail Picture

There are few things that make us more annoyed than bad data, lazy thinking or poor analysis. This weekend, the National Retail Federation hit for the inept cycle with their breathless reporting of holiday sales. The NRF erroneously trumpeted that the Thanksgiving weekend sales were “blockbuster,” having “surged 22% from a year ago to about…Read More

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Chart of the Week: Home Equity Cash Outs

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