Lessons From The Real World On Inflation

Our earlier commentary, Thomas’s Ham & Eggery Guide to Inflation, was picked up by Dow Jones Market Talk:

11:18 (Dow Jones) Barry Ritholtz rails against the core-CPI crowd by taking
it to the street, literally. "Over the weekend, we spoke to numerous business
owners," he writes at The Big Picture (
/). "What
they told us is very consistent with an economy that has reflated, and whose
prices across a broad spectrum of areas have increased." He cites one
restaurant on Long Island whose owner reported price increases on electricity,
food, sugar, paper goods, insurance and rent, although wages have remained
stable. He urges economists to "get out from under the fluorescent glow," and
observe the price increases that are driving real inflation.

My wife would tell you that I endlessly amuse myself, and that last line about "get out from under the fluorescent glow" is perfect example of that. 

I need to get a hobby that doesn’t involve a computer (seriously).

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