The Ongoing Decline in Media/Entertainment Revenues

Chris Anderson’s Long Tail looks at the ongoing decline — is meltdown too strong a word? (Probably not) — in the mainstream entertainment/media:




All the relatively new competition has whittled down any single media’s former dominance:

-TV: used to have 3 channels, now there are 1000s; of course viewership is down;
-Internet sources of information, data, news, and entertainment is stealing readers from newspapers and magazines;
-Satellite, P2P, and iPods are cannibalizing Radio

Is it any wonder that the pie keeps getting sliced increasingly thinner? And that’s before we address the issue of a general decreased quality (though there are exceptions) brought about through profit maximimizing moves.

As we noted in Attack of the Blogs Informed Citizens, anytime a vacuum in a any media format developes — or even a "quality void" forms — the internet seems ready to rush in to fill it . . .

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