We’ve gone Map Crazy, part II!

Last week, we admitted to going a little Map Crazy!

Apparently, we aren’t the only ones. Since that post, some 40,000+
map freaks per day have perused our humble little cartographic collection our sister blog, essays & effluvia.

Well, Democracy is all about giving the people what they want. Apparently, what they want is more maps, dammit.

Who am I to stand in the way of a popular uprising? Here’s the latest batch:

Voting: Free versus Slave States   

Look how far we’ve come as a country

Red States Feed at Federal Trough, Blue States Supply the Feed
So much for self-reliance

Cartograms of the 2004 US presidential election
Land doesn’t vote, people do — that’s what this map depicts

Population Density Electoral Map
Most of the Red States are actually empty spaces (compare this with the next map)

2004 U.S. Presidential Election Results by County (pop density)
showing the more heavily populated counties in 3D display

Red & Blue World   
The world couldn’t vote — but if they did 
(this map reflects populace, not governments) 

The Kids Are Alright   

How did the young’uns vote, and where?

County-by-County vote, with Population 
More purple than red or blue

Blue and Red within States
States are actually fairly evenly divided (duh, 51-48)

Demographics versus Geography
When you finally tire of maps, here’s the Demographic breakdown

I suspect this will be it for map madness. If I have overlooked any truly outstanding maps of interest — kindly send a note to thebigpicture -at- optonline -dot- net .   

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