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I get as much out of this site as the 5-10,000 or so people who swing by each day do. The feedback, the links, the suggestions and ideas are all tremendous.

That’s partly of the reason why I don’t sell advertising (I don’t care for the visual clutter), nor make a big deal about the wish list nearby (or the read to me / sing to me variations).

But every now and then, a reader wants to say thanks and selects something off the wish list. To my  Australian  friend who did so with The Elegant Universe, I say thanks (I loved the PBS series).

Its now in the queue. 

Category: Books, Film, Music

New Column up at Real Money (05/26/05)

Category: Real Estate

Conundrum Revisited

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I Don’t Like BizRate

Category: Retail, Web/Tech

Media Appearance: Kudlow & Company (05/25/05)

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Nasdaq streaks

Category: Markets

Apprenticed Investor: Don’t Speak (part II)

Category: Investing, Markets, Psychology


Category: Film, Music, Television, Web/Tech

Media Roundup

Category: Film, Finance, Music

Was Revenge of the Sith P2P Released on Purpose?

Category: Film, Music