Why No Tip Jar?

Several readers have emailed asking why I don’t do advertising or a tip jar or otherwise "monetize" the site.

I wouldn’t want to mess up Joelle‘s lovely design with visually unappealling Advertising. Its not worth uglifying things for a few nickels, and that’s all my traffic — about ~10k a day — would generate.

As to a tip jar, well, its not exactly "Wall Street." A more Street-like approach would be for you to sell me your grandmothers, then part out their organs on the black market. That’s right, let’s arb Grannie. Unseemly, yes — but more Street-like than a tip jar. (Yes, that’s a bit of sarcasm).

But since more than a few of you have asked, here are some suggestions:

As opposed to cash, I’d prefer something that’s a product of your thought process:  Books, Music,  DVDs, any item from my ginormous wish list –  reflective of you — would be just fine.

Since the holiday season is also one of giving (rather than receiving or arbing the elderly), here are several charities I support:

Major Bob Bateman’s Iraq school supplies (you can use paypal for contributions);

Americares is the most efficient relief charity in the U.S.(make Katrina/New Orleans donations to them);

• Donate your Airline Miles to help Tsunami victims;


One small caveat: If you (or your firm) is a client of my firm, remember that the NASD has giftgiving rules.

UnCaveat: If you are a market professional (fund manager, trader, broker) who I have helped make an enormous bonus this year, and you are not a client of the firm, well then by all means, you should feel free — indeed, common decency compels you — to go absolutely wild!

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