That’s it — I quit. Throwin’ in the towel, given’ up, jest not worth it.

I am talking about the Bloomberg’s website. (I wont even link to it, I am so sick of it sucking so badly).

Between the incessant pop-ups, the taking over Explorer, and best of all, crashing my machine for the second morning open in a row, I simply give up. Consider this f$%* you my swan song. I plan on never mentioning the site again — at least until they clean their act up.

The damned site is almost useful, with some good content and excellent columnists. But they are simply to goddamned obnoxious (is that a surprise?) to deal with on a machine where trading orders get entered.

I don’t know what sick, evil f$%^&ing bastard is responsible for the decisions about the site, but they should die a slow, horribly painful, lingering death.

Rant Mode: disengage . . .

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