Nike + Apple = Cool Gadgets

This is a pretty cool use of ipod technology (and an excuse to run a photo of a scantily clad lass).


And, Apple continues to push the envelope further; They are refusing to rest on their laurels with the iPod, and they are making it harder for the also rans to catch up.

While Apple is innovating, and creating products that delight their customers, Dell is loading their PCs with crapware. And, Microsoft is not exactly burning up the market with anything innovative.

Here’s the Apple Nike PR announcement, and Apple/Nike webpagess:

Cool looking software — it might turn me back into a runner, fat bastard that I am . . .



UPDATE: May 24, 2006 1:39pm

Very cool video at Nike’s showing how the tech works in real life.


The future is here NOW. Expect to see many more of these innovative gadgets over the next, well, always! 

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