Media Center’s Next Gen Remote?

While we lounge around waiting for the inevitable — no, not death, I refer to the Fed hike — take a gander at this:

How cool looking is this piece of home theatre erotica?


"The SimpleRemote incorporates features like Wi-Fi connectivity, a 2.2-inch quarter VGA color screen, and support for Universal Plug and Play (UPnP) devices, to create a remarkably powerful and easy-to-use control center for digital homes. The reference design is capable of controlling multiple rooms full of devices and automatically discovering networked webcams or Wi-Fi-connected digital cameras as they’re connected to a home network.

The SimpleRemote also works with UPnP streaming media devices in a unique manner. Using the remote’s Wi-Fi connection and color screen, a user can preview photos or video files stored on networked PCs on the remote before displaying them on TV through a the streaming media bridge."


Reviews are here, and the full specs can be found at their website.

I want one!

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