HedgedFund.org’s Internet Links of Interest:

This is one of the most comprehensive market related linkfests I have ever come across:

HedgedFund.org’s Internet Links of Interest

Astounding depth . . .

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Are Fixed Income Markets as Wild as Equities?

Category: Markets, Trading

AOL Copyright Grab ?

Category: Finance, Web/Tech

Great Bearish Quotes

Category: Markets

DJIA Rallies (since 1900)

Category: Markets

Shuffling Technology for Creativity?

Category: Music

Risk is on the Rise

Category: Economy, Markets

Nasdaq (and other Bubbles)

Today is the 5th Anniversary of the Nasdaq’s peak –  5048.62 on March 10, 2000 on a closing basis (The Nazz actually hit 5132 intraday). Let’s do a little “compare and contrast” with Nasdaq, and other previous bubbles. Recall we visited this theme in Three Bubbles exactly one year ago (graphic). The goal is to…Read More

Category: Markets

Brain Drain threatened

Category: Politics, Science, Web/Tech

Is the Consumer’s Ability to Keep Spending in Danger?

Category: Economy