Read it here first: ‘Mad Money’ Madness in NYT

Continuing on our going series of scooping the MSM, today we look at a mostly positive article in Monday’s NYT on Jim Cramer’s Mad Money ,
called Ego
Unleashed, or Everyman of the Market?

It is a follow up to our Friday pieces, The Thin Green Line and Monitoring
the ‘Mad Money’ Madness
. That column was actually well recieved by journalism blogs; Most
media are not that introspective, and do not take very critical looks at

The NYT piece is also worth a read. The article
concludes that while the markets may have been going sideways for a while, Cramer’s stock has

And as several readers have pointed out, since Mad Money started last year, the’s stock has had a nice rally:


click for larger TSCM chart


via Ritholtz Research


Ego Unleashed, or Everyman of the Market?
David Carr
NYT, February 6, 2006

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