Electoral Race still tight

The race remains extremely tight, with Nader polling greater than the difference between Bush and Kerry’ Support remains “fluid;” An AP poll found that “fewer than 30 percent of voters say they are strong supporters of each candidate.”


“Both presidential candidates have been working hard to turn the campaign debate to their strongest subjects — national security for the Republican incumbent and jobs for Kerry, a Massachusetts senator. Jobs are the top issue as far as voters are concerned, according to the poll, with national security trailing by about 15 percentage points.

After two weeks and tens of millions of dollars spent on negative advertising by both campaigns, little has changed in the basic landscape of a tight presidential race, the poll found. Bush was backed by 46 percent of voters, Kerry by 43 percent and independent Ralph Nader by 5 percent, according to the poll conducted for the AP by Ipsos-Public Affairs.”

The AP-Ipsos poll of was taken between March 19-21 — before Richard Clarke’s 60 Minutes revelations Sunday night.

AP/Ipsos Poll: Bush Vulnerable On Jobs, Kerry Weakest On National Security
Public Release Date: March 24, 2004




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