Media Appearance: CNBC’s Morning Call (1/18/06)


Talk about fortuitous timing:

I am going to be on CNBC’s Morning Call at 10:45am today, discussing all those lovely charts from Cult of the Bear part II with the lovely Liz Claman. It will be interesting to see how those charts come out on TV.

Rescheduled for tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel.

click for larger charts!


100 Year Dow

1966-1982 Trading Range


S&P500 P/E Multiple Expansion


4 Year Presidential Cycle



Should be fun . . .

UPDATE  January 18, 2005 11:00am 

So first a tractor-trailer gets windblown, and jack-knifes on the George Washington Bridge, closing traffic in both directions. Cancel the New Jersey studio and appearance and go to plan B — the backback studio on Madison and 49th Street.

Then a windstorm closed nearly all of the bridges. Any traffic coming into Manhattan gets rerouted — the only entrance from the eastside into Manhattan is the mid-Town tunnel. I call the studio at 10:30, tell them I’m at the tunnel (finally) and it will be tight to make it by 10:45.

It takes me an hour to go about 10 minutes distance.  At 10:44, I’m at Park and 39th — no shot at making the studio — call them to let them know.

No stress — all I can do is laugh about it.

We reschedule for tomorrow, same Bat time, same Bat channel.

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