Greenberg: Hello, MarketWatch readers


Be sure to put Herb Greenberg on your list of regular reads over at CBS Market watch. His first column is here: “Hello, MarketWatch readers.” You can see an overview of the companies Herb has written about here: A Greenberg sampler.

Lastly, you can create an email alert to send you each of his stories as they are published: Create Herb Greenberg Marketwatch Alert Select “News by Column” from the pulldown menu, and then select Herb Greenberg. (Its not there yet, but it will be soon.)

“For the first month or so, expect upwards of five columns per week. And when the news simply can’t wait, I’ll also do special short alerts. You can get everything I write on MarketWatch e-mailed to you by clicking the “Create Alert” button on the upper right hand side above this column. The columns themselves can be focused exclusively on an individual company or the something as far flung as the silly games analysts still play, a full-blown revolt by readers or a simple hodge-podge of short items.”

I do not know how or why Herb left The, but I am curious. I think I found a clue here that it was less than amicable:

“Speaking of which: To avoid any appearance of conflicts, I’ll be sticking with the policy I instituted for myself when I started writing this column for the San Francisco Chronicle: I do not invest (or short) individual stocks and don’t invest in hedge funds. My stock-related investments are restricted to mutual funds and MarketWatch. (The only exception, right now, is the stock of my former employer, which will be sold.)”

I deal with a lot of corporate executives, and they usually don’t dump their stocks immediately upon switching jobs. Perhaps its because he is in the media, and there may be other conflicts.

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