Tsunami Resources

How bad was this quake? US Scientists think it may have made the Earth wobble.

A few resources that might have gotten overlooked regarding the Tsunami and relief efforts:

1) Google set up a page with links to sites set up to provide information and handle donations for victims throughout the region, as did Yahoo’s info page, and Amazon’s donation page. You can also donate your Airline Mileage to help Tsunami Victims. Lastly, the Tsunami help blog is provides a comprehensive list of ways to help.

2)  The Tsunami death toll now exceeds 115,000 160,000

Deaths by country:
    Indonesia: 79,940
    Sri Lanka: 23,015
    India: At least 10,000
    Thailand: 1,830.
        (Thai PM says toll could rise to 3,000 as 4,265 people are still missing).
    Myanmar: 90
    Malaysia: 66
    Maldives: 46 –

3) Several sites have gathered home videos of the Tsunami:

Austin’s Blog

They are truly frightening

4) Before & After Photos:

Khao Lak in Phang-nga province   
(Before & After photo side by side)

NYTimes, Interactive   
(select "Photos Impact" and then "Before and After" at far right)

Indian Ocean Tsunami Imagery Khaolak, Thailand 
(via globalsecurity.org)

Pakarang Cape
Before and After

Blue Village Pakarang Resort
Before and After

Sofitel Magic Lagoon Resort & Spa Khao Lak
Before and After

Tsunami Gallery
(from globalsecurity.org)

More Satellite Images of Tsunami Affected Areas

There’s 2 devastating B&A photos posted here: 

Before and After Photos

This site has even more Before and After photos


5) Major Natural Disasters (of the past few centuries)

Deaths           Event             Location         Year
3,700,000      Flood             China             1931
300,000         Cyclone         Bangladesh     1970
255,000        Earthquake     China             1976
170,000+      Tsunami         South Asia       2004
143,000        Earthquake     Japan             1923
139,000        Cyclone          Bangladesh     1991
100,000        Tsunami        Japan              1703
70,000         Tsunami         Portugal         1755
50,000         Earthquake     Iran               1990
31,000         Earthquake     Iran               2003

Sources: World Almanac, U.S. Geological Survey, Associated Press
via U.S. News & World Report, January 10, 2005, 

6) Tsunami Relief: Charity Efficiency and Transparency Ratings:   

Helps provide an overview of how much of your donations actually make it to the victims, using several rating systems.

Doctors w/o Borders, American Red Cross, American Jewish World Service and OxFam were all very highly rated.

Here’s where to make online contributions to the top rated charities:

American Red Cross (via Amazon)

American Jewish World Service   

Doctors w/o Borders


LASTLY, can’t we do better?  US ups Aid to victims from 15million to 35 million

How is it that US can find 300+ billion dollars for the War in Iraq, but cannot muster 1% of that amount to help out in SouthEast Asia?

Pardon my pique, but I heard this Karl Rove guy was supposed to be a PR genius — How did he blow yet another opportunity? Put aside for a minute the simple motivation to do what’s right, and look at this the way he looks at everything else — as a chance to change some views about us. For a billion or so dollars, the Mayberry Machivelli could have reaped a PR windfall for his boy and the US, whose rep in the world has never bneen lower than its been the past few years. 

I guess if it don’t help your guy elected, it dont matter all that much . . . Oh, well, another missed opportunity, brought to you by the Crawford gang that can’t shoot straight — unless its at Democrats.

  12/31/04  1:31 PM    U.S. announces $350 million in tsunami aid 


"The United States will provide $350 million in aid for victims of Asia’s devastating tsunami, a government official said Friday — a ten-fold increase over what it had previously announced and a sum that will significantly boost international funds pledged for relief.

The news will likely silence criticism of the U.S. aid effort that surfaced when Washington announced its initial aid package."

Color me silenced!

UPDATE:  1/3/05  11:31 AM    Three U.S. Presidents Urge U.S. Relief Aid

This is a brilliant move — it still looks like they are playing catch up, but its better than the prior appearance of indifference.

See, Karl, I knew you could do it!

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A Different Kind of Top 10 Music List For 2004

It’s year’s end, and that means list time.

The annoying thing about the ubiquitous year end list — best Books, best Movies, best Albums — is that they tend to be compiled by people who read, watch or listen to stuff for a living.

Most of the listed items are nanoseconds old. And while that’s de rigueur for someone who does that professionally, it has little correlation to the lives the rest of us lead. Gotta job, family, obligations? Then you probably don’t get to listen to hundreds of new releases each year. Good luck then, making an intelligent top 10 list.

Movies? The days of waiting on line opening night are long since gone for this old man. A majority of the films I ended up renting, buying or pay-per-viewing this year were not 2004 releases. Wanna make a helpful list for me? Tell me the best stuff on HBO next weekend; Knowing 2004′s most critically acclaimed Eastern European documentaries is of little use for most people.

OK, rant over. Here’s a different kind of top 10 list; these favorite CDs are what actually got listened to in 2004. While a few of these came out this year, that wasn’t a requirement. These are what actually spent the most time this year on the iPod or in the CD player of a person with a job and an ever decreasing amount of spare time.

The task was made infinitely easier by iTunes, which shows me the chronological order of when CDs were ripped, and purchases made via ITMS, or downloads via a P2P service, as well as the number of plays each song got. Incidentally, the correlation between my downloaded P2P tunes and subsequent CD purchases is extremely high; I’ll bet others have had similar experiences. Don’t expect an RIAA study looking into that phenomenon anytime soon . . .

Anyway, on to the top 10 list:.

~ ~ ~

Roman Candle  Says Pop

Roman Candle’s debut is a joyful assortment of finely crafted pop
tunes. If FM Radio didn’t suck, this is the sort of music you would be
hearing on it right now. Finely crafted lyrics mated to delightful
melodies delivered by a tight power pop five-some in a surprisingly
slick production. Like nearly all the discs on this list, this one is
really good from start to finish.

Why didn’t you ever hear of these guys? Roman Candle hails from Chapel Hill, North Carolina, and signed with an independent label. No payola, no Clearchannel — and no radio play.

Roman Candle   Says Pop

Bonus:  I discovered Roman Candle through BBC 2’s Bob Harris Check him out.

~ ~ ~


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