10 Friday AM Reads

What a week! You are almost to the goal line. Our morning train reads will see you through:

• Computers are the new Dumb Money (TRBsee also How ETF investors messed up during this week’s market scramble (Yahoo Finance)
• Hedge Funds Bruised by Stocks’ Meltdown: A tumble in share prices stunned many hedge-fund managers and erased the year’s gains for some (WSJsee also When to ditch an underperforming hedge fund (FT)
• Risk: Your Best Friend and Worst Enemy (Motley Fool)
• Now’s the right time for Yellen to kill the ‘Greenspan put’ (Marketwatchsee also Reminder: Stocks Go Up AND Down . . . (TBP) 
• The Beatles’ 10 Greatest Guitar Moments (Guitar World)

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2016 Ferrari 488 Spider

Missus Big Picture is not a fan of blue cars, but I am enamored of this particular shade of blue (looks like a variant of Blu California). For any convertible, its preferable to avoid black as an interior color, as it gets too hot on those sunny days — gray, saddle, even off white is much…Read More

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The Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the World

San Francisco should be in here, depending upon how its defined: The greater Bay Area is about $1,000 a square foot, but if you take the city proper, its on par with NY/London/Paris.   also Source: Jackson Rowe

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Process Evaluation for the Office of Neighborhood Safety

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How to Fight Drought: Study Trees

Source: fivethirtyeight

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Bloomberg TV Appearance: Oil, Markets & the Fed

I did a quick TV hit earlier today with Matt Miller and Mark Crumpton on Bloomberg Markets.

How Badly Did the Global Selloff Damage Stocks?

Source: Bloomberg, August 27, 2016



How the Markets Are Influencing the Fed

Source: Bloomberg, August 27, 2016


The Economic Benefits of Lower Oil Prices

Source: Bloomberg, August 27, 2016


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A Closer Look at New Housing

Source: Calculated Risk We interrupt this crash and recovery for a brief word about the economy, in particular residential real estate and new home sales. This is an area of the economy I have been studying and writing aboutfor decades. New home sales were reported earlier this week; they are a component of gross domestic product…Read More

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37 Bears!

I know a bear on the cover is bullish, but what about 37 bears?   via Bloomberg BusinessWeek   Oy!   Previously:• Uh-Oh: Time Magazine on Housing (June 6, 2005) BEARISH• Uh-Oh: Facebook’s Zuckerberg is Time Man of the Year (December 17th, 2010) BEARISH• Uh-Oh: Gold on the Cover of NYT Magazine? (May 15th, 2011) BEARISH• NYT Sunday Business: Magazine Cover Indicator? (January 1, 2012)…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Almost recovered. Who ever would have imagined it would be this easy?! Don’t relax just yet — you still have our morning train reads: • Margin Calls Bite Investors: Banks Loans secured by investment portfolios have become a booming business for Wall Street brokerages; the bill comes due (WSJ) • Corrections: What Do People Hear? (Irrelevant Investor) • Dudley Puts The…Read More

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Elevator Down, Stairs Up

Source: WSJ

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