Understanding Exchange-Traded Funds: How ETFs Work

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 10.9.15

Succinct Summations for the week ending October 9th, 2015:   Positives: 1) Stocks enjoyed their strongest week of the year. 2) Initial jobless claims fell to 263k from 276k last week.  4 week average = 268k, the lowest since early August from 271k last week. 3) Purchase applications to buy a home rose 27.4% w/o/w and…Read More

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If You Are Reading This, the World Has Not Ended

Predicting the end of the world has always been a losing bet. We were reminded of this once again when Oct. 7 came and went, and the world didn’t go poof. It was supposed to. That’s according to the eBible Fellowship, a small online religious group whose leaders somehow interpreted the Bible as calling for Armageddon this…Read More

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World Did Not End, Please Continue With Your Day

Predicting the end if the world has long been a money losing bet.   Source: Economist  

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10 Friday AM Reads

Under 20 on the VIX, the S&P500 over its 50 day MA, and the weekend is here? That sounds like a win to me and our morning train reads: • Why everybody knows CEOs are overpaid, but nothing happens (The Conversation) • Annual Stock Market Returns (Irrelevant Investor) • U.S. Consumers Splurged with Gas Savings After All, Study Finds…Read More

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1960 Mercedes-Benz SL 190

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Dividends on Federal Reserve Stock and Highway Funding

Dividends on Federal Reserve Stock and Highway Funding Bob Eisenbeis CUMBERLAND, October 8, 2015     Bob Eisenbeis is Cumberland’s Vice Chairman & Chief Monetary Economist. Prior to joining Cumberland Advisors he was the Executive Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta. Bob is presently a member of the…Read More

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Constellation of Camelopardalis

  A photo of U Camelopardalis, or U Cam for short, a star nearing the end of its life located in the constellation of Camelopardalis (The Giraffe), near the North Celestial Pole. As it begins to run low on fuel, it is becoming unstable. Every few thousand years, it coughs out a nearly spherical shell…Read More

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Science and Your Beliefs

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Bear Markets and Subsequent Bull Runs

Source: JPM Quarterly Chart Book   Each quarter, I eagerly look forward to the arrival of JPMorgan’s interactive Guide to the Markets – 70-plus pages of charting pleasure. It’s packed with sexy graphics, loads of data and slick stock, bond, commodity and economic charts. One of my favorites chart is below. It shows the total declines in the…Read More

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