Vermont High Schoolers vs Fox News

This is brutal, and utterly hilarious:


Does Fox News Follow Society of Professional Journalists Published Ethics Rules?


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Both Sides of the Brain (Updated)

Source: Dr. C Daniels ~~~ UPDATE: 1/25/15 Here is the latest scientific thinking, countering the older “left right” analysis:

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10 Sunday Reads

My Sunday morning reads: • Billions in Lost 401(k) Savings, Abusive Brokers Under White House Scrutiny (Bloomberg) • How Economists Came to Dominate the Conversation (Upshot) • How Super Was Mario? (Krugman) see also World’s Most Reluctant Stimulus Program Gets Underway (Reformed Broker) • Shilling: Nothing Is Going to Save the Housing Market (BV) • Play football like the Seahawks but invest…Read More

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ECB, Euro, USD, Interest Rates

ECB, Euro, USD, Interest Rates David R. Kotok Cumberland, January 24, 2015     After a two-and-a-half-year wait for “whatever it takes,” the quantitative easing (QE) announced this week by the European Central Bank (ECB) is different from the QE undertaken by the Federal Reserve (Fed) during and after the financial crisis and now completed….Read More

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Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee: Kevin Hart

Source: Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee

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North America’s Geological History

Source: Wikimedia via Know More

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Forecasting is Marketing . . .

It’s time to market forecasters to admit the errors of their ways Barry Ritholtz Washington Post, January 18, 2015     I come not to praise forecasters but to bury them. After lo these many years of listening to their nonsense, it is time for the investing community — and indeed, the seers themselves —…Read More

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MiB: Bill Gross, Part II

This week, the “Masters in Business” podcast features Part 2 of an interview with Bill Gross, formerly of Pimco, now with Janus Capital; Part 1 is here.

Gross sat down with me in the Bloomberg studios in New York for an extensive two-hour interview.  In part II, we discuss the Allianz takeover of Pimco, why he is a tough boss to wrk for. He said he was fired by Pimco, and was blindsided by the coup.

We also talk QE and the Fed, what they did right and wrong, and what he wants to do at Janus. He also said quite a few surprising things about the Federal Reserve.

You can hear it live on Bloomberg radio, download the podcast here or on Apple iTunes or stream it on Soundcloud (below). All of our prior podcasts are available on iTunes.


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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning. Pour yourself a strong cup of Sumatra, settle into your favorite chair, and enjoy our longer form weekend reads: • 22 Smart Investment Ideas (Barron’s) • How stories change hearts and brains (Aeon) • Why you should stop relying on your phone, and buy a nice camera (The Verge) • The Virtue of Scientific Thinking…Read More

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Smooth Jazz: Black Sabbath’s Paranoid

I can’t explain why, but I find this hilarious:     Via The Poke

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