TDS: Better Call Foul

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The Global Trade Slowdown: Cyclical or Structural?

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Empathy, Neurochemistry, and the Dramatic Arc

Narratives — specifically, the classic dramatic arc as outlined by German playwright Gustav Freytag — can evoke powerful responses, leading the brain to release the neurochemicals cortisol and oxytocin.


Paul Zak: Empathy, Neurochemistry, and the Dramatic Arc


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ISIS May Be Losing a Lifeline

Source: Washington Post

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Wal-Mart’s Plan to Boost Pay, State by State

Regarding yesterday’s discussion on Wal-Mart’s pay raise, check out this informative map from the WSJ:     Source: WSJ

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Youth Labor Force Participation Falls, but with Good Reason

Labor Force Participation Rate: 1955-2014 Labor Force Participation Rate Labor Force Participation Rate In School to Population Ratio: 16-24 NEET to Population Ratio: 16-24 Source: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

This morning’s train reads were prepared with a heavy heart, but no worries, we still have you covered: • The Nasdaq is doing the most bullish thing a market can do (MarketWatch) but see As FTSE Hits a 15 year Record, Beneath the Surface . . . (Moneybeat) • Climbing the Great Wall of Worry in China (Market Anthropology) • The…Read More

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Dilbert: Beating the Average

Source: Dilbert

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Global liquidity regulation – Why did it take so long?

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Farewell, Maximus

    Today was a day I knew was inevitable, but dreaded nonetheless. For today we said farewell to Maximus, our delightful, intelligent, charming rescue dog. Max was going on 16, which for a large dog (~75 pounds) makes him a very old man – about 100 in dog years. A German Shepherd/Bearded Collie mix, he was a…Read More

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