10 Friday AM Reads

My U2 delayed, but still in time for the morning train, Friday reads:

• An open letter to investors who are bullish on gold (Marketwatchsee also Gold Looks Like a ‘Textbook’ Short, even from here (Bloomberg)
• Should you still own bonds? (Fidelity)
• Amazon is now bigger than Walmart by Market Cap (Quartzsee also Amazon’s Cloud Business Rose 81 Percent in Q2, Its Fastest Growing and Most Profitable Business (Re/Code)
• Discovery of ‘Habitable’ Earth-Like Planet Announced (Observersee also NASA Has Discovered a Planet That Seems a Lot Like Earth (Bloomberg)
• For a Show About Nothing, Seinfeld Changed a Lot Over Its Nine-Year Run (Slate)

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1933 Rolls-Royce

Commissioned by an Indian Prince for Less Than $200,000, a lovely 1933 Rolls-Royce: Source: Bloomberg

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Assessing the Recent Behavior of Inflation

Assessing the Recent Behavior of Inflation Kevin J. Lansing Inflation has remained below the FOMC’s long-run target of 2% for more than three years. But this sustained undershooting does not yet signal a statistically significant departure from the target once the volatility of monthly inflation rates is taken into account. Furthermore, the empirical Phillips curve…Read More

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Press play on the bottom left.

Source: Big Think

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Top 25 Ranking of Alternative Asset Managers

Source: Chief Investment Officer

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Existing Home Sales: June 2015

Source: World Property Journal

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Gold Miners Are No Longer a Proxy for the Metal

Let’s say this right up front: The SPDR Gold Shares Trust exchange-traded fund has killed the shares of the gold miners. For a few years now, I have been very skeptical about gold’s value as an investment (this may seem excessive, but see this, this, this, this,this, this, this, this, this, this and of course this). The primary reason for this is straightforward: Gold is bought…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Its nearly the end of the week – and I am going to U2 tonight at the Garden. Between now and the start of the show, we have there are morning train reads: • Are Stocks Overvalued? A Survey of Equity Valuation Models (Research Affiliates) • Gold Is Falling So Hard It Looks Like Capitulation (Barron’s) see also A…Read More

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Subway Symphony

  Hat tip Daily Dot

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Calibrating the GSIB Surcharge

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