Antennae Galaxies

Antennae Galaxies are a pair of distorted colliding spiral galaxies about 70 million light-years away, in the constellation of Corvus (The Crow).

Image by ALMA / AP via Buzzfeed

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Inside Out

We don’t do this anymore in the music business. We don’t have any blockbuster acts reinventing themselves with every project, garnering stellar reviews and great customer word of mouth which ultimately rains coin and makes everybody happy. That’s right. After a detour into sequelmania, which generates cash but leaves everybody unsatisfied, Pixar dropped a blockbuster…Read More

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MiB: Ed Hyman, Evercore ISI

This week, on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with  Evercore ISI’s Ed Hyman. An engineer by training, he approaches the assembling of economic data very differently than many practitioners of the dismal science do. He was — quite literally — the first strategist to use time share mainframe computers to crunch economic…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Welcome to the weekend! Pour yourself a mug of slow brewed iced coffee,  and settle in for our longer form weekend reads: • The invention that could revolutionize batteries—and maybe American manufacturing too (Quartz) • The Datafication of Business and Society (Pieria) • Biotech’s Coming Cancer Cure: Supercharge your immune cells to defeat cancer? Juno Therapeutics believes its treatments…Read More

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Famous Classical Music Composers Linked to YouTube Videos

Click through to get yourself some culture. Source: Thinglink

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 6.26.15

Succinct Summations week ending June 26th Positives: 1. Consumer spending rose by 0.9% in May, the biggest gain in six years. 2. Weekly jobless claims came in at 271k, vs the 274k forecast. 3. Existing home sales rose 5.1% to 5.35m vs expectations of 5.26m, the highest since 2009. 4. New home sales came in…Read More

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China, Brazil, Russia Holding Back Global Growth in 2015

  click for full interactive research report Source: Bloomberg Brief

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Home State Investing Bias May Be Skewing Your Portfolio

Most investors are (or at least should be) familiar with the concept of “Home Country Bias” — the natural tendency to be more familiar and comfortable with public companies in your home country. Investors everywhere consistently display this trait, which is in direct conflict with the basic principles of international diversification. A 2014 report by Vanguard found…Read More

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Where You Live Correlates to a 20% Investment Bias

More on this shortly . . .   Source: Imgur

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10 Friday AM Reads

Friday is here, as is the best set of morning train reads you will see: • The Fear Factor Behind Stock Prices (Bloomberg View) but see Jeremy Grantham: Markets Headed to ‘Bubbleland,’ (MoneyBeat) • Housel: Investing is a great way to learn about human behavior—and about yourself  (WSJ) • With All Due Respect, Mr. Icahn (Irrelevant Investor) see also How hedge-fund geniuses got beaten…Read More

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