U.S. Taxes Are Low Compared with Other Developed Economies

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Do Federal Taxes Reduce Income Inequality?

These Legos make depressingly clear just how much money the top 1 percent has

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State Individual Income Tax Brackets

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Investor Friendly Tax Policy Both Parties Can Like

It’s tax day. Perhaps like millions of your fellow Americans, you waited to the last minute to file and will be trudging off to the post office or filing electronically later today. I’m not going to lecture about your procrastination. However, I am going to ask you two somewhat tax-related questions: 1. How much have…Read More

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Its that day again, when you get to #humblebrag about how much you are paying to in taxes. Hence, our Uncle Sam inspired morning train reads: • U.S. Plans Stiffer Rules Protecting Retiree Cash (NYT) Why? Because of The Impossible Sale: An S&P 500 Index Funds at 60bps with a 3% Sales Load (Alpha Architect) • Not-So-Great Expectations: Why Real…Read More

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Fed: “Have Long-Term Inflation Expectations Declined?”

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John Oliver: The IRS

Nobody likes the IRS. But recent budget and staff cuts have made it increasingly difficult for the department to do its very important job. Don’t take our word for it. Ask Michael Bolton.

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Masters in Business: Rick Ferri

This week, our Masters in Business radio podcast features Rick Ferri, founder and chief investment officer of Portfolio Solutions. Ferri is a former Marine Corps fighter pilot who spent the first decade of his career working as a retail stockbroker. In the 1990s, he came up with an idea for a low-cost portfolio based on exchange-traded funds while working…Read More

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2015’s Tax Day By The Numbers

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What Metric Should Be Used for Stock Valuations?

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