Where You Live Correlates to a 20% Investment Bias

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10 Friday AM Reads

Friday is here, as is the best set of morning train reads you will see: • The Fear Factor Behind Stock Prices (Bloomberg View) but see Jeremy Grantham: Markets Headed to ‘Bubbleland,’ (MoneyBeat) • Housel: Investing is a great way to learn about human behavior—and about yourself  (WSJ) • With All Due Respect, Mr. Icahn (Irrelevant Investor) see also How hedge-fund geniuses got beaten…Read More

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1959 Ferrari 250 GT

She is a beauty, even (or especially) with the hardtop on:     Source: Classic Driver

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The Middle Class May Be Under More Pressure Than You Think

The Middle Class May Be Under More Pressure Than You Think William R. Emmons, Bryan J. Noeth St Louis Fed, ISSUE II 2015       It is common to define the “middle class” based on a simple ranking of families’ incomes or wealth. For example, the middle 50 percent of families in the 2013 Survey…Read More

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Natural vs. Human Causes of Climate Change

Click through for the interactive graphic. Source: Bloomberg

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IRS Income Data on US Households

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Looking for for Volatility in All the Wrong Places

Where has all the stock market volatility gone? U.S. equities have been surprisingly quite the past three years. There hasn’t been a one-day change of 2 percent or more in the Standard & Poor’s 500 Index since December, Bloomberg News reported. Data compiled by Bloomberg and Deutsche Bank AG note that this is the longest such streak…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Our Straight Outta Compton morning train reads: • There Is No Tech Bubble (Pieria) but see Crowded: Is private equity in the bubble of all bubbles? (CIO) • How It’s Made Series: Beats By Dre (Bolt) see also Apple Music and the Future of the Music Industry (Re/Code) • Curation & Algorithms (Stratechery) • The Stiff Competition to Work in German Prisons (Marshall Project) see…Read More

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A Measure of Price Pressures

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Satellite System Flags Stressed Aquifers

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