10 Friday AM Reads

Long week, looking forward to the weekend — but not before these morning reads start your Friday:

• If You Can’t Say “I Was Wrong” You Should Not Manage Money (Fool)
• Classic cars – a vintage investment? (Investors Chronicle)
• Be Humble, Become Wealthy (Psy-Fi Blog)
• Oil Glut Ignites Gasoline Price Swoon (WSJ) see also The Inflation Cult (NYT)

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5 Most Powerful Cars on the Planet by HP

When it comes to high performance supercars, power is just as important as speed. Bloomberg Ranx looks at the five most powerful cars on the planet. Source: Bloomberg

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Why Aren’t More Renters Becoming Homeowners?

Why Aren’t More Renters Becoming Homeowners? Andreas Fuster, Basit Zafar, and Matthew Cocci Liberty Street Economics     Recent activity in the U.S. housing market has been widely perceived as disappointing. For instance, sales of both new and existing homes were about 5 percent lower over the first half of 2014 than over the first half…Read More

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Jack Bogle on Diversified Portfolios vs Speculation

9/9/2011 9:25AM

Buying and holding stocks and bonds for the long term and maintaining a diversified portfolio are still the smartest strategies for the average investor, says Vanguard founder Jack Bogle in answer to Mark Cuban and other critics of these traditional approaches. In the Big Interview with Journal columnist Jason Zweig, Bogle takes aim at the culture of market speculation. Betting on long odds, he says, “doesn’t pay off very often.”

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10 Thursday PM Reads

My afternoon train reads: • Most Hedge-Fund Managers Are Overpaid, Big Investor Says (Bloomberg) • Never let a politician or pundit give you investment advice  (Marketwatch) • McCulley: Escape Fandango​ (Pimco.com) • A smaller pie (Statistical Ideas) • Luxury Homes: Priced to Sell at $30 Million: The most expensive homes are spending less time on…Read More

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Employment Better, Equities Worse Than Average Post Crisis Recovery

Major economic indicators from 4 quarters before to 28 quarters after financial crises. Line marked “average” shows the average performance in 15 major financial crises since 1973, as identified by the IMF in the April 2009 edition of its World Economic Outlook, Index set so quarter of onset = 100. For the recent U.S. crisis,…Read More

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The Evolution of the Geek

by Column Five Media. Source: Visual.ly

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Thirteen years later, September 11 remains a day of reflection. Here are our morning reads: • Beguiled By Narrative (Above the Market) • Recognizing Bubbles, but Still Cautious on Deflating Them (Dealbook) • Why you may need more international stock (Fidelity) • How Aaron Klein and Riskalyze are Revolutionizing the Industry (The Reformed Broker)  …Read More

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1958: Public Investing in the Stock Market as Never Before

This week in 1958: LIFE Magazine highlights a strange new phenomenon: The public is investing in the stock market as never before. “On the average,” reports LIFE, “500,000 new customers a year have been getting into the market and 8.6 million Americans now own some kind of common or preferred stock…. To an extent which…Read More

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Alibaba: Biggest IPO By Market Value of All Time


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