10 Sunday Reads

Good Sunday morn. Settle in for the first reads of the new week:

Shiller: When a Stock Market Theory Is Contagious (NYT) see also Bears, but no picnic (Economist)
• What Makes a Great Investor? 10 Great Investors Weigh In. (producthunt)
• Why Germany is so much better at training its workers (Quartz)
• Why I Love the Stock Market (A Wealth of Common Sense) see also Krugman: What Markets Will (NYT)
• High-Speed Traders Put a Bit Too Much Gravy on Their Meat (Bloomberg View)
• Privately, Saudis tell oil market- get used to lower prices (Reuters) see also OPEC Split as Oil Prices Fall Sharply (NY Times)
• Rental America: Why the poor pay $4,150 for a $1,500 sofa (Washington Post)
• Once a Symbol of Power, Farming Now an Economic Drag in China (NY Times) see also Bad Math Makes China’s GDP No. 1 (Bloomberg View)
• What Women Want: Quantitative analysis of how women’s porn viewing differs from men’s  (Pornhub Insights)
• Scientists can now delete and fabricate memories in mice. Are humans next? (Vox)

What are you reading?



30-Year Trend of the 10-Year Treasury Bond Yield

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Barron’s Big Money Poll

Bear or bull? Money managers reveal their leanings in the latest Barron’s Big Money Poll. Jack Hough discusses on the News Hub with Sara Murray.

10/17/2014 4:09PM

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“The Princess Bride” Reunion

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LISTENS NOT DOWNLOADS Who cares how many people downloaded the new U2 album, the only important thing is how many people LISTENED to it! This is a huge sea change that is getting little publicity and has been overlooked in the outcry about streaming payments. In the future, you will get paid for every play…Read More

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MiB: Jim Bianco

This week’s Masters in Business Radio show at 10:00 am and 6:00 pm on Bloomberg Radio 1130AM and Siriux XM 119 (it also repeats all weekend). Our guest this week is Jim Bianco of institutional research firm Bianco Research. You can listen to the show live here. Shortly after the show, you can stream it…Read More

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10 Weekend Reads

Good Saturday morning. Settle into a comfortable chair with a strong cup of joe, and enjoy our long-form weekend reads : • Forget GMOs. The Future of Food Is Data—Mountains of It (Wired) • Did Bill Gross Tip The Pop Machine Over? (A Wealth of Common Sense) • ‘Zombie’ homes haunt Florida neighborhoods: Aborted foreclosures leave…Read More

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Kiron Sarkar’s Weekly Report 10.18.14

Overview Inflation in developed economies and a number of  emerging markets is falling sharply, mainly due to declines in food and, in particular, energy prices. The sharp decline in inflation increases the risks of deflation in the Eurozone (EZ) and further undermines the Bank of Japan’s (BoJ) 2.0% (excluding the  impact of the sales tax…Read More

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How Do Liquidity Conditions Affect U.S. Bank Lending?

How Do Liquidity Conditions Affect U.S. Bank Lending? Ricardo Correa, Linda Goldberg, and Tara Rice Liberty Street Economics, October 15, 2014     The recent financial crisis underscored the importance of understanding how liquidity conditions for banks (or other financial institutions) influence the banks’ lending to domestic and foreign customers. Our recent research examines the…Read More

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Succinct Summation of Week’s Events 10.17.14

Succinct Summations of Week ending October 17th Positives: 1. Initial jobless claims came in at 264k, their lowest numbers since 2000. 2. Gasoline prices fell to their lowest levels since 2011. 3. Russell 2000 actually finished up 2.8% on the week. 4. U of M consumer confidence came in at 86.4, the best since 2007….Read More

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End of OPEC = Golden Swan

Could the Dissolution of OPEC Become a Golden Swan? Fifty-four years of inflated energy prices may be coming to an end. Doug Kass Real Money Pro, October 8, 2014 | 7:31 AM EDT     We all know that I’m bearish. To me (at the current time), this is a stock market with no memory,…Read More

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