Ben Carlson Discusses Correction on CNBC

Ben Carlson, author of “A Wealth of Common Sense,” discusses keeping your cool during this correction.

Author Carlson: Keep cool during correction

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Ugly Day

Not a pretty day, as the Nasdaq gets whacked for 3%, and the Dow closes 1 point over 16,000:   click fir full size table

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What Happens If We Redistribute Bill Gates Wealth to the Poor?

Today’s column might anger some people on the right AND the left. Try not to react emotionally. Instead consider this as a way to point out some obvious truths to your ideological opposites. Take a look at the Robin Hood Index chart at right (via Bloomberg). It shows the effect of confiscating all of the wealth of…Read More

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A Question of Liquidity

Source: WSJ

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10 Monday AM Reads

Welcome back to the show. start it right with our Brooklyn sourced, morning train reads: • Stock investors haven’t been this bearish in 15 years (Marketwatch) • How A Little Lab In West Virginia Caught Volkswagen’s Big Cheat (NPR) see also The Study That Started the Volkswagen Scandal (CityLab) • The Rich Are Different. They’re Better Investors. (Bloomberg View)…Read More

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Who Works Part-Time?

Who Works Part-Time? Lela Somoza and Ellyn Terry Not all part-time workers are underemployed. As the economic recovery continues to strengthen, policymakers have often pointed to the stubbornly high share of Americans who report working part-time for economic reasons, which many consider to be a key indicator of slack. It may surprise some, then, that…Read More

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Fact, Hypothesis, Theory, and Law In Science

It’s time we learn the difference between a fact, a theory, a hypothesis, and a scientific law.




Hat tip Lifehacker

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GDPNow Forecast

Here is what the Atlanta Fed’s GDP model looks like:   Source: Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

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Buy a Boat If You Like, But Only If . . .

    My Sunday Washington Post Business Section column is out. This morning, we look at why buying a boat may — or may not — be a good or bad financial decision. Its really an excuse to look at the Department of No — the advice which says “Never Do XXXX” is often just…Read More

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10 Sunday Reads

My early Sunday morning, pre-bagel reads: • Why this is not the start of a bear market (Humble Student of the Markets) • Rattner: Carly Fiorina Really Was That Bad (NYT) • I.R.S. Ruling Makes After-Tax Contributions More Attractive (NYT) see also Tips for deducting more at tax time (Fidelity) • Go Midwest, Young Techie: Silicon Valley Too Pricey…Read More

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