10 Thursday PM Reads

A bit of reading to occupy yourself on the train:

• High-Frequency Trades Are ‘Intense Focus’ of SEC (Bloomberg)
• The Buys You Can’t Make Yourself (Reformed Broker)
• U.S. Bank Repossessions Down 5 Percent in March, Lowest Since 2007 (World Property Channel)
• Pimco’s Bill Gross Picks Up the Pieces (Businessweek)
• 10 reasons millennials are screwed (Salon)
• The princeling of private equity (Reuters)
• Heartbleed: How and Why to Change Your Passwords Today (Personal Technology) see also Q. and A. on Heartbleed: A Flaw Missed by the Masses (Bits)
• The big environmental problem highlighted by the search for Flight 370 (WonkBlog)
• Prominent Jesuit: Pope Francis’s first major issuance ‘almost a direct refutation’ of the GOP (The Raw Story) see also Pope Francis rips capitalism and trickle-down economics to shreds in new policy statement (The Raw Story)
• Message in bottle arrives after 101 years (The Guardian)

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Nasdaq Breaks to the Downside

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Colbert To Replace David Letterman

  Stephen Colbert to be next host of "The Late Show"…press release coming — CBS Tweet (@CBSTweet) April 10, 2014   Latest media on the subject: • CBS ANNOUNCES STEPHEN COLBERT AS THE NEXT HOST OF “THE LATE SHOW” (CBS Press Release) • Colbert to Succeed Letterman on ‘Late Show’ (NYT) • Jon Stewart: Stephen…Read More

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The Accidental Success of the 401(k) Plan

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Good morning! Here are some reads to start your Thursday: How to Cheat on Your Taxes (Newsweek) Record Europe Dividends Keep $3 Trillion From Factories (Bloomberg) Dimon: Ending QE will send rates to 5 percent on the 10-year Treasury bond (Fortune) Important Differences Between 2007 and 2014 (Reformed Broker)   Continues here  

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The Broken SEC Enforcement Mechanism

Today, I am compelled to direct your attention today to a column by my Bloomberg colleague Jonathan Weil, titled “The Best SEC Speech Ever.” The speech that Weil referred to in the headline was the retirement speech of Jim Kidney, a 25-year veteran trial attorney at the Securities and Exchange Commission. Three things stood out…Read More

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SEC: “A Tollbooth on the Bankster Turnpike”

Jim Kidney’s SEC Farewell Speech   Now what you have all come here for. To hear some final words from Jim Kidney. Emphasis on FINAL. I originally planned this to start at noon so I could give a four hour speech getting even. But sadly, it is not to be. I went through my grudge…Read More

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“Outrageous & Piggish” CEO Compensation

CEO pay: ‘Unbelievably piggish and outrageous,’ no matter how you slice it

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Which Poor Neighborhoods Experienced Income Growth in Recent Decades? Dionissi Aliprantis, Kyle Fee, and Nelson Oliver Department of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 04.09.14     Why has average income grown in some poor neighborhoods over the past 30 years and not in others? We explore that question and find that low-income neighborhoods that…Read More

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10 MidWeek PM Reads

Some reads to wind down the day: • SEC Goldman Lawyer Says Agency Too Timid on Wall Street Misdeeds (Bloomberg) • Big Data: Are we making a big mistake? (FT) • Why buying a corporate jet pays for itself (Quartz) but see The Decline of the 99 Percent (MoneyBox) • U.S. Economic Spring Is No False Dawn (Barron’s) • Here…Read More

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States Most & Least Dependent on Federal Government

Source: Wallethub

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