10 Things About Living Longer in Retirement

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Midweek, and the news-flow continues apace. It is our privilege to bring you the finest custom morning train reads in the land: • What Happens When Vanguard Owns Everything? The company is bigger than an 800-pound gorilla–and still growing. (Morningstar) • Old Age Doesn’t Kill Bull Markets (Dr. Ed Yardeni) • The Billion Prices Project Thinks Inflation May Have…Read More

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Thar’s Gold in Them Thar Hills!

  No more calls, we have a winner:   All this time I’ve been saying Goldbugs are full of shit when in fact it was the other way around. Gold in Feces?http://t.co/7hoOBag5yG — Barry Ritholtz (@ritholtz) March 24, 2015  

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Atlanta Fed’s Forecast for 2015 Q1

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Masters in Business: Meb Faber of Cambria Investments

This week, the “Masters in Business” radio podcast features Mebane Faber, chief investment officer of Cambria Investments. Faber explains how his investing approach has evolved from his days as a biotech analyst to becoming a quant “lite.” He describes how exchanged-traded funds are developed and marketed, and the typical mistakes that many investors make. His books include “The Ivy…Read More

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German Equities Up 40% Over Past Five Months

German stocks have increased 40% over the past five months. Combined with the euro depreciation and lower oil prices it all points to more upside risk to the economic outlook for Europe. Source: Torsten Sløk, Deutsche Bank Research

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RWM Coming to San Francisco and Silicon Valley in May!

The week of May 4-8th, we will be in San Francisco and Silicon Valley meeting with clients, presenting to a few tech firms, and generally enjoying the Bay area. To those of you who may be familiar with our investing philosophy but want to learn how we actually manage assets, please contact us. This visit presents an opportunity to have a…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

The world keeps spinning, the news keeps flowing, and we sort it all out for you with our morning train reads: • Hedge Funds Are Boosting Tech Valuations to Dangerous Heights (Bloomberg) • A Scary Movie: Filling Your 401(k) With Company Stock (NY Times) • China Wants to Buy Europe (Bloomberg View) see also An update on Asian equities…Read More

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Risk Management for Monetary Policy Near the Zero Lower Bound

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60 Minutes: Modern life’s devices under China’s grip?

From smartphones to cars and defense missiles, modern U.S. life depends on rare earth elements but China dominates the industry

Modern life’s devices under China’s grip?

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