10 Wednesday AM Reads

What’s that? A Greek deal? Don’t bother me with that noise, I have morning train reads to consume:

• No-Respect U.S. Recovery May Wind Up Becoming Longest Ever (Bloomberg)
• Investor Appetite for Mutual Funds Cools: After years spent piling into mutual funds, mom-and-pop investors are putting on the brakes (WSJbut see Think stocks are expensive? Think again. U.S. stock valuations may not be as high as you think (Fidelity)
• Solar Cost Less than Half of What EIA Projected (Ramez Naam)
• Between Kickstarter’s frauds and phenoms live long-delayed projects (Ars Technica)
• How the Greek Crisis Broke the Troika (Piera)

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The Greek Referendum: Choose Your Poverty

Source: Chappatte

Category: Economy, Politics

Does the United States Lead Foreign Business Cycles?

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Global Deaths in Conflict Since the Year 1400

Source: Our World In Data

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Profile of the Millennial Homeowner

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milenial hb



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MiB: ISI’s Ed Hyman, the Best Strategist You’ve Never Heard Of

This week, on our Masters in Business radio podcast, we speak with Evercore ISI’s Ed Hyman. Hyman, an engineer by training, approaches economic data differently than many practitioners of the dismal science. In the 1960s, he was the first strategist to use a time-sharing computer to crunch economic data.  Hyman also created a series of wide-ranging private company surveys…Read More

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10 Tuesday AM Reads

Well, THAT was interesting. let’s see if we can do something else today, starting with the best morning train reads in the land: • Hulbert: U.S. investors are dumping stocks for the wrong reason (Marketwatch) • Chinese Stocks Surge After Posting The Biggest Intraday Swing Since 1992 (Bloomberg) but see A Shortage of Tools for Betting Against China (WSJ) • Custodians’ payments to RIAs…Read More

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Pace of Social Change

Source: Bloomberg

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Sin taxes: The sobering fiscal reality

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Topics for the RWM Client Conference Call

On June 30th, our investment firm will be holding its Q2 client conference call. Because we’ve got a clientele that spans the entire country, we’ve found that holding a call during which we address important topics and take questions from our investors is a really effective way to communicate. In the weeks leading up to…Read More

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