Reducing Vehicle Emissions With Chemistry

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NextGen Wealth Management Conference

  I am speaking at the NextGen Wealth Management conference this afternoon. Pop over to the Princeton Club of NYC and say hello . . .   Beyond the Call of Duty: Expanding the Definition of a Financial Advisor The “typical” SEC-Registered Investment Adviser has a median of $331.2 million in regulatory assets under management,…Read More

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Commodities Return to the 1990s

    The chart above is the Bloomberg Commodity Index. It consists of baskets of common commodities, including energy, metals, foodstuffs, softs and precious metals. After a fairly flat period in the 1990s, the index leapt upward beginning in the early 2000s. The context explains the jump: High inflation, weak dollar and low interest rates….Read More

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It isn’t a Lehman Moment if . . .

Awesome column by my BV colleague Mark Gilbert, observing that true ‘Lehman Moments’ must clear certain hurdles — and most that are beinfg termed that simply don’t.   It isn’t a Lehman Moment . . . • If people are calling it one. • Unless somewhere in Germany there is a Landesbank up to its neck…Read More

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10 Thursday AM Reads

Welcome to October and a quarter to forget. Start the new Q right with our free range morning train reads: • Good Investing Hurts: The best investors enduring years of pain (Motley Fool) see also 2015 Is Turning Out to Be a Terrible Year for Investors (Bloomberg) • Selling is the Easy Part (A Wealth of Common Sense) • Understanding ETF “Flash Crashes”…Read More

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The Bacon Cheeseburger Index

Nicholas Colas, Chief Market Strategist of Convergex, writes a daily preview/analysis for institutional clients.  This is a sample of his work; contact info below.   ~~~~ The history of the hamburger is lost to the fog of human memory, but culinary historians have pieced together a likely migration path starting with the Mongol Empire and…Read More

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Regulation and Liquidity Provision

Regulation and Liquidity Provision September 30, 2015 William C. Dudley, President and Chief Executive Officer Remarks at the SIFMA Liquidity Forum, New York City As prepared for delivery       The financial crisis and the ensuing recession exacted a high cost on the country.  Real gross domestic product (GDP) declined by over a half…Read More

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Drone Strikes and Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

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Changes in the Home Loan Process

A reader who happens to be a mortgage loan originator send along this awesome graphic. To me, it calls bullshit on the WSJ article I referenced this morning by sending along the following flow chart along detailing the “massive changes about to be unleashed upon real estate industry. Or not . . .   click for…Read More

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Oh, No! Disclosure is Going to Mess Up Housing Sales!

Starting Saturday, the real-estate industry will be subject to new disclosure rules, courtesy of the Dodd-Frank law and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. Lenders will be required to make transparent and complete disclosure of the terms of mortgages — including all costs and fees. This information was sorely lacking during the boom in the 2000s. Residential…Read More

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