10 Thursday AM Reads

Our Straight Outta Compton morning train reads:

• There Is No Tech Bubble (Pieriabut see Crowded: Is private equity in the bubble of all bubbles? (CIO)
• How It’s Made Series: Beats By Dre (Boltsee also Apple Music and the Future of the Music Industry (Re/Code)
• Curation & Algorithms (Stratechery)
• The Stiff Competition to Work in German Prisons (Marshall Projectsee also How Germany Does Prison (Marshall Project)
• The trip back home often seems to go by faster — but why? (LA Timessee also The return trip effect: Why the return trip often seems to take less time (NCBI)

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A Measure of Price Pressures

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Satellite System Flags Stressed Aquifers

Source: WonkBlog

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Is This The Top?

Source: A Wealth of Common Sense

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Where Did All the Publicly Traded Listings Go?

Source: NBER, Political Calculations   The U.S. now has half as many publicly listed companies trading on its exchanges as it did at the peak in 1996. As the chart below shows, listed companies reached a high of 7,322. That number today is down almost by half to 3,700 and is more than 1,000 lower than in…Read More

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The U.S. Listing Gap

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10 Wednesday AM Reads

Our remarkably, purposely, blessedly, Greek-free morning train reads: • Americans’ Net Worth Reaches High of $84.9 Trillion (WSJ) • How to Spot Crowded Trades That the Shoeshine Boy Missed (Bloomberg) • Home Values in Half of Top 300 U.S. Markets Achieve Full Price Recovery (World Property Journal) despite It got way harder to buy a house last year (Washington Post) • Krugman Battles…Read More

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Krugman vs Austerians

Hilarious: click for interactive media    

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Targeted Investment Programs and Manager Restructure Update

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Which Tech Firms Protect their Users?

Source: EFF

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